One OnePlus suffer unexpected problems and hidden on your screen

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To date, the OnePlus One has been a smartphone that has created a buzz. On paper we are facing a terminal with large specifications at an unbeatable price , and the reviews we’ve seen so far give great ratings.

However, in the past weeks appears to have been some problems with the terminal. One of the questions we had about this terminal was on how to answer technical support such a new company and it offers a product with these characteristics of an almost globally.

From The Free Android just want to reflect what is happening in the forums OnePlus in recent days to inform, and in no case are giving birth to something that is not relevant to how you users.


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already have anticipated, from a few weeks ago it seems that some users are reporting problems, which are taking away the trust of many users. On the one hand, which was inevitable, the shortage invitations is creating a climate of anger among users who want to become a One OnePlus

Port other hand, many users report that many terminals have come without charger, no screensaver , have suffered delays of all kinds … and the subject of contention yellow screen.

yellow screen: warmth for better experience or trying to hide something


The most tricky and that is causing great controversy in the forums problem is the yellow screen. The fact is that many users complain that their screen OPO has a yellowish tint too.

On this began writing and will be reported in various forums and websites specialized ago weeks. The problem is that OnePlus Technical Support has always responded somewhat vaguely about it.

Many users have argued that it is a construction problem, and administrators have given explanations about why a warm color : best experience browsing or gaming, etc. .. . In short, according to the same OPO are facing an issue related to software configuration, and in any case we are faced with a problem of hardware or configuration.

At the moment, many users began to seek solutions through applications. A forum user flashed OmniROM , and reported that the screen actually looked far less warm. OPO administrators said in a future OTA could set the “hue” (temperature – color) screen. But is not the end all …

The yellow spots on the bottom of the screen


The problem is that some users have reported that there is a yellow band at the bottom of the screen. How to see in the pictures is a rather unpleasant effect, and here it can hardly justify than a defect ( the most original and / or users describe it as bold PEE ).

Users, receiving no response from OPO , have started to investigate what was the matter, and now post the most widespread theory is that these spots are caused by glue without drying in the background.

 OnePlus yellow

If this were so, the goal of beige / warm tone of the screen would function to hide or conceal such stains . You can imagine the tone of some comments in the forums after this idea has come to light.

OnePlus has not spoken much about it, but do not have been all business, since even in some occasions have accused some users to modify images with photoshop . Then they have also said that is a feature of terminal design , and obviously the users have started to jump into the neck of managers.


Many users have requested that want to change their terminal, but said OPO for this reason that each user will only change terminal and it must pay up to 50 € (?), since according to them it is not a hardware failure.

From here, users have shown how Oppo, sister company OnePlus does change their handsets for this reason , recognizing that these cases are hardware problems.

To finish the decorating, an administrator is facing users by their attitude claiming to have created a disruptive business model that they do not offer them gains in years and has accused users ungrateful and disrespectful. From there then you can imagine …



No doubt, it has been a storm on the forums of EPO. Many users are outraged and losing confidence in the company. The case is still not closed , so we will very careful about how this case is over.

However, it seems that OnePlus try to join and close threads to this matter is relatively clustered and buried post, being the only way to find them by searching.

Also, it seems that now there is a new theme that is emerging, is that some users say the EPO speakers are not stereo but monkey . ( 1 / 2 ).

repeat that in any case we want to be partial , and if at any point of the article may have apparently been for not knowing better express some ideas. We assume that this will cause many opinions. Reading responses of managers, in some cases we have not been entirely successful. What do you think

Source: OnePlus Forums | Thanks Carles

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One OnePlus suffer unexpected problems and hidden on your screen
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July 11, 2014

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