OneSearch, the new browser encryption Verizon that promises maximum privacy

recently we were talking DuckDuckGo, the search engine alternative to Google that every time it reaches greater echo and that shot his popularity to the end of the year, when Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, published a ‘tweet’ in which he highlighted that, because of his virtues, had become their search engine of choice.

Of leftovers we know already, the ‘dangers’ of the network and of the popular browsers: we believe that the Internet is free and that we are the masters of the world thanks to her, but in reality the giants of the technology behind search engines such as Google we have well tied.

The violation of privacy and sale of data are the order of the day, and to combat them are born initiatives such as the annotated DuckDuckGo, which is defined as “the search engine that doesn’t track,” or the case of OneSearch, a new search engine that does not track, and that in its so-called ‘Private Mode Advanced’ -enabled by default, but can be activated or deactivated with a button- encrypts the searches and the beings destroy themselves in a hour.

Of his way of proceeding derives its name precisely: ‘one search’, that is to say, ‘single-search’. In your main page already warn you that work without cookies, no collection of personal data, the results appear without the filter, the search history is protected, that you have confidentiality when sharing links and the keywords are encrypted.

Say good-bye to the cookies. The cookies will continue to track your behavior and make you the target of ads to sell you things. OneSearch does not use cookies. Point. Your privacy is what we care most about,” says the search engine on your web page.

ensure that do not track or share your personal data there is no ‘re-targeting’, that is to say, that you will not be ‘bombarded’ with ads based on your searches or the data of your profile. Also, OneSearch does not store your search history.

OneSearch is a search engine created by the american company of telecommunications Verizon, owner also of Yahoo -the character in more of a scandal of gap bulk-data-. is Is based on Bing, which means that it performs the searches with this engine but applies a layer of privacy so that there is no tracking.

If OneSearch is free, does not track, spy or trade your data, how is it funded? Uses methods that do not endanger the privacy of users.

first, shows ads, yes, but are generated based on key words, not of cookies.

in Addition to OneSearch have a paid service for businesses integrate this search engine private on their web sites, services, shops, etc ..

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OneSearch, the new browser encryption Verizon that promises maximum privacy
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February 4, 2020

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