‘Operation Hurricane’ – a mix of terrible and insane that it becomes a pleasure when you get in your game

Operation Hurricane 4

As I thought about how to address the critical ‘Operation Hurricane,’ (‘The Hurricane Heist’), I was reminded of an anecdote. For a season I witnessed a good friend, very mallorcan him, put a generous squirt of honey on toast cover sobrasada that, why deny it, I had a pint impressive. Despite its promises, in which he claimed that the concoction was delicious, could not fail to see in that aberration culinary a mix doomed to failure and could not function under any circumstances.

I Finally finished with the experiment, and, against all odds, I was confronted with a pleasant surprise. An unexpected explosion of flavour which, in the first instance was not too promising to the eye or to the palate —not even what was at a conceptual level— but that gradually began to be transformed into something particularly nice for my taste buds.

With ‘Operation Hurricane,’ something similar occurs. And is that the new work of that expert entertain the respectable so-called Rob Cohen, creator of titles such as ‘A todo gas’, ‘xXx’ or the fantastic ‘Daylight (Panic in the tunnel)’, combines two elements as disparate as the film of muggings, and the catastrophes resulting in a gigantic stupidity, deficient in many aspects but it’s terribly fun, and to take as little seriously as to the analogy with which I started this review.

Let’s face it; ‘Operation Hurricane,’ it is a strong candidate to harvest a good number of nominations —and even win a statuette at the Awards Razzie 2019. His characters are idiots, flat and uninteresting; their dialogue, embarrassing, in large measure, invite you to perforate your eardrums with a sharp object as a last resort to stop listening to bullshit; your insane booklet, full of ranting, might as well have been written by a monkey with two pistols… The list of defects is endless.

Operation Hurricane

however, among all the jumble of clichés, characters and situations that could well have gone out of production more tacky and outmoded from the beginning of the century, it rises an item that makes getting out triumphant ‘Operation Hurricane’ of your particular walk of shame: a self-consciousness converts your shooting 100 minutes in a worthy pastime in which the laughing accomplices will accompany the public predisposed to enter into his game.

Rob Cohen is not intended to give cat by hare in no time. From its first bars, the film reveals its condition as a “series B” with the sole intention of bombing the stalls with phrases, series of sound bites, flash floods of special effects and action to be noisy, destructive, and almost nostalgic, raising the levels of absurdity to achieve the most descerebrada genius —the use of hubcap as a deadly weapon that can be thrown is, simply, wonderful.

Operation Hurricane 3

‘Operation Hurricane,’ is not, under any circumstances, a film that is exemplary in terms of narrative or direction; which is not to say that it is fully recommendable. Many could lie down —and lie down— hands to the head before this statement; but this good-bad movie is part of that select group of films that needed to survive the day-to-day, limiting our neural activity for a couple of hours while we give ourselves to the pleasures the most basic, mundane, and not at all guilty.

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‘Operation Hurricane’ – a mix of terrible and insane that it becomes a pleasure when you get in your game
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