Operation MKUltra: abusing the human brain for interrogation

Operation MKUltra: abusing the human brain for interrogation

we delve into the details of the operation MKUltra, a secret CIA operation aimed at mind control during interro...

we delve into the details of the operation MKUltra, a secret CIA operation aimed at mind control during interrogation of prisoners.

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We’ve all seen the typical thriller in which players take on the typical posture of “good cop, bad cop” to interrogate who have to question, whether it is a petty thug or principal antagonist, and for that one officer used aggressive tactics while the other tries to be your partner for, in one way or another, his will fall and tell you everything you need to know. But the truth is that this is simply interrogation for “beginners” and many are immune to this tactic, so more advanced interrogation techniques was needed.

And that’s when the CIA went too far with this

To talk about operations like MKUltra have to take into account the historical context in which it was started. In 1953, after finishing the Korean War and some of the American soldiers captured alleged telling stories that corresponded to attempts to wash or “program” the brain against their own country, the newly formed CIA (successor to the OSS) was it’s a complicated situation. Needed to improve its intelligence apparatus, particularly when information of enemy combatants. And that’s when it occurred to develop an initiative using the weapons they had used against them

The stories of American soldiers captured during the Korean War laid the foundation for which would MKUltra. Source.

To do this, the then director CIA Allen Dulles, in a joint operation with the Special Operations Division of the US Army Chemical Corps, gave the green light in 1953 to what is known as Operation or Project MKULTRA. This operation had a single goal: to develop advanced interrogation techniques through drugs and experienced individuals procedures, in order to weaken their resistance to confession. Within MKUltra there were 150 secondary research projects, many of which purpose unknown.

The CIA spared no expense for this program, occupying 6% of the operational funds for the CIA in 1953, and counted as the first leader of program one of the best biochemical US Army Sidney Gottlieb. However, the effectiveness of this program according to the historian: some claim that its main objective was to achieve an equivalent of Messenger Fear or “A Manchurian Candidate,” referring to the 1962 film in which brainwashed him an American soldier to perform actions against their will.

Allen Dulles, the first civilian director of the CIA and main promoter of the project MKUltra. Fuente.

Meanwhile, others felt and still feel that this program was simply a scapegoat to distract the media which were the auténticos CIA programs. Either way, the truth and what is known after the declassification of most of its documents in 1975, is that for twenty years the CIA was experimenting with various drugs in an amalgam of test subjects: from employees of the CIA and the military, medical, federal agents, homeless, prostitutes and even mentally ill patients. MKUltra within the bulk of the research focused on the use of drugs such as LSD, barbiturates, amphetamines, temazepam, heroin, morphine, marijuana, alcohol and sodium pentothal.

To make matters worse, in some cases were experiments without the consent of the test subjects themselves, reaching extremes as ridiculous as the Operation Midnight Climax. In it, the CIA set up several brothels equipped with mirrors one way to obtain a selection of men who were given LSD and were too embarrassed to discuss afterwards what had happened. In fact, the US Secret Service gave much importance to LSD, occupying the bulk of their research until it was scrapped due to its unpredictability in the results.

The Manchurian Candidate Scene with Frank Sinatra. The ideal goal of the CIA with MKUltra was getting just what happens in the movie. return to a person against their own country through enhanced interrogation techniques Fuente.

brain control was also tried using less conventional methods such as hypnosis or the use of electronic devices. In the first case, creating an induced anxiety sought through a combination of drugs and hypnotic techniques and a way to learn and repeat random complex texts, a skill much needed by spies during the Cold War. On the other hand, the subproject 119 objectives sought as “behavioral activation in an individual remotely”, or put another way, an individual to make a pre-programmed and against his will determined action.

MKUltra continued with various research until the program stopped in 1973 without getting (at least officially) satisfactory results in almost twenty years of operation. A year later, in December 1974, the New York Times brought to light the truth about MKULTRA experiments mentioning these US citizens in an article on all domestic illegal CIA activities (remember that the CIA can not operate on US soil). From this simple article arduous and hard congressional investigation began and the Rockefeller Commission, specially created to investigate these illegal activities by the secret agency.

Doctor Frank R. Olson, biochemist that the CIA drugged with LSD and led to his suicide. (Photo by AP. Fuente)

The investigation revealed some patient deaths during the project, with the Frank Olson and Harold Blauer the best known. Olson was a biochemist and US Army expert on biological weapons which he was given LSD without their consent and knowledge in 1953 and died just a week later in suspicious circumstances. The case of Blauer gained notoriety because of their profession, a professional tennis player from New York who died in the same year Olson involuntarily after participating in an experiment with MDA, a powerful psychedelic drug.

Unfortunately, research was continually sabotaged attempts by the CIA and the US military destroying evidence and documents involving senior management, as well as a series of secret agreements between them and the families affected by the compensation program under the table and do not appear anywhere. Still, he came to discover different locations of the program: forty four universities, fifteen research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies twelve hospitals or clinics, and even three prisons , thus giving an idea to Members of Congress the extension of this terrible program.

Campus of the University of Stanford, one of the 80 institutions involved within MKUltra. href=”https://www.stanford.edu/”> Source.

Today, many aspects unknown Program, its true extent or more people involved in MKUltra and there escaped blame. In any case, MKUltra is a black spot in the operating record of the CIA and that due to the secrecy surrounding itself to the CIA, has also been source of numerous conspiracy theories, many totally crazy and unreal and others that provide some other proof but have not been demonstrated. If you want to see more about this more than questionable operation of the US government, I leave some interesting links:

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Índice full documentation.
side MKUltra Related Projects, among other documents.


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