Oppo N1, six inches rotary camera, touch panel and CyanogenMod


That the Chinese manufacturers are no longer oriented only to its own market and already are a force to consider is an undeniable fact. And, although initially the main reason for buying these devices was its price, have progressed enough in quality and features to be worth compared to other manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and HTC . The best example is the device that finally was announced today, the Oppo N1.


For example, rotating the camera 13 MP and f/2.0 aperture . Mounted on a stand that can move at will in 206 º, will remain in place once the choose and make the photo. Moreover Thanks to this the only device has a camera, we can move to that will act as the front or rear camera, while maintaining the same image quality thanks to technology Pure Image. Given that the front camera is usually the big loser in all models, is a refreshing change.

In addition, the camera flash has two, one common intensity for the photos you normally do, and one more faint and diffuse for photos that do when we’re pointing it at us. Moreover, the rotation system is also used to start the camera. Oppo ensures that the camera market is fastest starts , because if the move 120 ° the display will light with the camera application in 0.6 seconds.


But it is not the only thing that attracts attention. So does the rear touch panel 12 cm2 with which we can control the screen without touching it and put our finger in the middle.


A very interesting supplement included in the box is the O -Click, a key that allows us to control the camera from your device. Ideal for use as a remote trigger.


For software, Oppo has decided to allow us to choose which version of the operating system we want. We can use color, based on Android 4.2 and includes improvements and modifications Oppo own. But we can also choose CyanogenMod. So, Oppo becomes the first manufacturer that supports Cyanogen after becoming a commercial alternative.

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Oppo N1, six inches rotary camera, touch panel and CyanogenMod
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September 23, 2013

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