Options to build a free logo

Before starting with this list of applications designed to create logos for free online , it is better to make clear one point: Build a logo is not a game , is the image of the company, is the brand that will appear in our products, which use to offer our services. There are people who study years to develop the right talent to transform a necessity into a brand, and any tool, however good, is not and will never replace the creativity of a professional graphic design .

You can think of not to invest a lot on a website, not devoting great resources on advertising, do not rent a big space … but you should think about cutting the budget when it comes to creating a logo because that image with us for a long time, on and off the Internet.

I guess now you might be wondering how I can disclose a list of applications for free if I have logos so clear that you should not do that to build the brand of a company. The answer is simple: we build logos for informal meetings for working groups to neighborhood associations … not always necessary to think about the long term impact of the image displayed on a logo, sometimes we just want to have a little casual brand on our pages.

That said, I leave you with some interesting resources, free editors that can help build logotypes in minutes:

logotipogratis.com : One of the last options presented to us. We can choose the font type, shapes, colors and position of the elements for a simple logotype in PNG, transparency respecting the outcome. In order to use your entire collection of forms, you have to pay 3 euros.

graphicsprings.com : Give several examples and logos can alter our name and slogan to personalize the results.


: Much more basic, just play with the word that you indicate and offers several versions with colors, shapes and shadows.

: An extensive editor, to enter our slogan and play predefined forms, always with the option of downloading the result as a vector. Not all are free logos presented there.

And I can not finish this post without recommending these Resources who designs logos , with tutorials, tools and vectors that can help professionals in that category.

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Options to build a free logo
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August 21, 2013

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