Oukitel K6000, when autonomy is paramount

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This terminal drew attention around the world a few months ago, when we announced Oukitel -. due mainly to the 6,000 of its name refers to the milliamp hour battery

Oukitel K6000 is one of the smartphones format phablet 5.5 inches more battery market . It’s a phone entry-price and SoC, but both finished as the overall experience with the team has left us a good feeling that


Once upon a time smartphone / powerbank

Oukitel is a Chinese manufacturer that seems to have proposed autonomy satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding public. In fact not only Oukitel K6000 with its impressive 6,000 mAh battery and its price of just over 100 euros has been struck on the table, but is also preparing to market a terminal 10,000 mAh battery .

Oukitel K6000 10

the great attraction of Oukitel terminal is its large battery of 6000 mAh which together with a modest hardware make the smartphone a mobile phone capable of supporting two to four days depending on the use we make of it.

Now let’s see what it is made both aesthetically and hardware level to see how Oukitel K6000.

Oukitel K6000, main specifications
physical dimensions 153.4 x 77 x 9.5 mm, 205 grams
Display 5.5 inch IPS Gorilla Glass
Cristal 2.5D
Resolution 1,280 x 720 (367 ppi), 24-bit color depth
Processor Mediatek 6535P (4 core Cortex A53 1GHz)
Mali T720 GPU MP2
Memory 16 GB (expandable with microSD cards)
software version Android 5.1 (custom interface)
Connectivity Telephony and data (dual nanosim):
– GSM: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
– WCDMA 900 / 2100MHz
– LTE: 800/1800/2100 / 2600MHz Bluetooth 4.0

Wi-Fi n
HotKnot (no NFC)

Cameras Rear: Sensor 8Mpx (13 Mpx interp) autofocus and LED flash 5 megapixel
Front (8MP interp)
Battery 6000 mAh (NO-removable), fast charge 9 / 5V 2A
Price About 120 euros

once the specification table view will we dive with the design and that far exceeds what we might expect from a terminal of this price range.

Oukitel K6000 has a metal unibody construction, in our case, we received for review the model with white front showing a lighter model with front in black metallic gray.

Oukitel K6000 6

First of all we have to mention that the large battery housed inside causes the dimensions grow something, reaching a thickness of 9.5 mm and it shows in the weight where we go to 205 grams. It is a remarkable weight, the mobile does not go unnoticed in the pocket but forget the inherent advantage of loading the smartphone can compensate for 2-3 days.

In the front we see a screen according to the manufacturer , covers 80% of the front. As usual, the screen does not cover the entire opening intended for it and we have some black frames around. The screen is covered by Gorilla Glass that helps 2.5D, with the curvature of the back, to conceal the extra thickness as we mentioned.

The bottom of the front shows the capacitive keypad NO backlit and on top is usual. sensors, camera and headset to call

Oukitel K6000 8

on the side we see a remarkable job CNC unibody your body, there is a lateral and two bevels smooth arrival at front and rear.

On the right side we have the power and volume buttons on the left side and is Dualsim tray or microSD more Nanosim.

 Oukitel K6000 7

handsfree minijack connector and microUSB for charging at the top and bottom of the terminal, respectively. The back of Oukitel K6000 has two stripes up and down white plastic surrounding the great bulk of metallic finish that occupies the back.

The external speaker is located on the plastic bottom in an area with micro-camera and dual LED flash on top.

 Oukitel K6000 2

rear plastic zones with gloss detract from the good work of design (to have this thickness) from the rest of the terminal, but be that as it may, at first glance you would not say that the Oukitel K6000 is in a range as low prices

low-cost phablet. 5.5-inch 720p screen

This smartphone mounts a screen with IPS panel of 5.5 inches and 720p. It’s a good screen with good viewing angles, color reproduction and good brightness.

Oukitel K6000 3

But you also have to be realistic and to acknowledge that it is not the screen brighter market nor uses a FullHD resolution, an improvement that is beginning to be noticeable to the naked eye and common operating distances with this diagonal screen.

we also want to note the black frames around the screen, and that while the side with the glass 2.5D appear to partly conceal their size the upper and lower frames are quite remarkable . The manufacturer says that the display occupies 80% of the front on its website, and personally bet that includes frames like screen in your calculations.

 Oukitel K6000 9

The automatic brightness control has worked well during these weeks of use and fulfills its purpose well. Lower brightness when the room is dark and up when we went outside and / or no direct light.

Oukitel K6000 12

the glass 2.5D adds a premium touch and helps to disguise the final thickness of the terminal

in our view, Oukitel K6000 riding a 5.5-inch IPS panel with good contrast, no light leakage appreciated and renders the contents well at a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels . By faulted, we would have liked to enjoy the Miravision application to make a more personal setting panel controlling the color temperature, among others.

Gross power, or rather, lack of it

If you want a smartphone with a yield out of this we have to invite you to look elsewhere. Oukitel has focused squarely component with sufficient performance for routine tasks in order to offer a frugal consumption and, therefore, help the huge battery look further.

 Oukitel K6000 1

As an integrated SoC, Oukitel K6000, use the Mediatek MTK6535P , the low power variant of the quad 64bit-core Mediatek company. Most smartphones on the market from Chinese take a leap forward and use the MTK6753 which boasts twice the cores at a higher frequency and improved this model GPU (Mali T720MP2) variant.

the amount of RAM built by the team is more than adequate, 2 GB of RAM to this price range is well known and will avoid you have to be waiting for loaded applications perform intensive multitasking.

Oukitel K6000 13

then we leave a table comparing performance but I anticipate that the yield will located closer to the quad-core Snapdragon 200 family of Snapdragon 400 family and far from what today is midrange Snapdragon 615 or line Mediatek MTK6753


Benchmarks Oukitel K6000
(Mediatek MT6535P)
Wiko Fever
(Mediatek MT6753)
Elephone P8000
(Mediatek MT6753)
Alcatel Idol 3
(Snapdragon 615)
Aquaris E5 4G
(Snapdragon 410)
AnTuTu 24,152 33.45129.12320.534 (32bit)
Vellamo Chrome Browser : 2,101
Multicore : 1.190
Metal 761
Chrome Browser : 2,644
Multicore : 1,522
Metal 1060
Chrome Browser : 2,152
Multicore : 1,553
Metal : 1103
Chrome Browser : 2,184
Multicore : 1,274
Metal 880
Chrome Browser : 1,844
Multicore : 1064
Metal 794
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited : 2,986
Extreme : 1,934
Basic 3755
Unlimited : 6,886
Extreme : 4,302
Basic 7682
Unlimited : 6.168
Extreme : 4.204
Basic : 7640
Unlimited : 7.223
Extreme : 5,278
Basic 8846
Unlimited : 4,341
Extreme : ND
Basic : ND
PCMark – Work Performance 2,660 3,994 3,683 3,370 2,786
Epic Citadel High Performance 49,3fps
Ultra High Quality 17.4 fps
High Performance 55.3 fps
Ultra High Quality 27.7 fps
High Performance 55 fps
Ultra High Quality 24.4 fps
High Performance 49.8 fps
Ultra High Quality 29.1 fps
High Performance 56.6 fps
Ultra High Quality 32.1 fps
Geekbench Single Core : 426
Multicore : 1.325
Single Core : 614
Multicore : 2863
Single Core : ND
Multicore : ND
Single Core : ND
Multicore : ND
Single Core : ND
Multicore : ND


 image01  image01 href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/benchmarks-oukitel-k6000-mediatek-6535p/3″>  image01  image01

once located in the mobile market today have to throw a spear in favor of Oukitel K6000. This smartphone covers the basic needs of any user in terms of processing power. In fact not too graphically demanding games Angry Birds style or family game Candy Crush operates perfectly.

Where Oukitel K6000 falls somewhat short tasks is where brute power required and hence the process is quad-core 1GHz is present as a bottleneck as well as in applications where heavy use of 3D where GPU Mali T720 MP2 is a little short to be done even without FullHD resolutions jump.

 Oukitel K6000 11

The overall performance of the phone is salvageable by optimizing your ROM, the SoC is the most basic family Mediatek

in our daily life we ​​have not noticed any strange behavior at the terminal, we have multitasking without any problems and we have not noticed any annoying lag.

in conclusion, if you have not been clear, Oukitel is a smartphone that sorely its autonomy for performance .

custom Launcher fluently everywhere

Oukitel K6000 uses Android 5.1 under a very light interface without application drawer, which helps the mobile hardware can give the type.

so much so that the K6000 is a smartphone showing a flow in the change screens and even opening applications.

Oukitel K6000 5

It is a very clean coat, no flaunts extra applications and functionalities that in most cases, tend to fall into oblivion. Remarks: The Power Save application that manages energy use as well as applications that can shut down the system or when sleeping, all configurable by the user

 K6000 1

as for extra features to what is still a pure Android 5.1, we highlight a number such as gestural control with display off which it allows to launch applications directly interacting drawing pictures on it.

We also have the possibility to use multi-touch gestures while using the terminal to perform tasks such as a screen or a portion of it or launch the camera for example.

K6000 2

And last detail we want to highlight the software implementation of a floating button that allows us to launch content in this format, “especially” including videos or music, we can continue to see while we chat or sailed with the terminal.

beyond that, the smartphone has a R OM highly polished with performance that, for the user provides a good feeling and the other hand is able to save energy, which translates into greater autonomy.

Oukitel shows a configured system OTA updates that will tell us when there is a new version of software for your smartphone. During our testing period, the terminal has not received any update and follow the software that came into our hands, version 3.0, a build of 27 November.

Cameras according to the range of Oukitel K6000: meet

Oukitel K6000 15

the photographic field is covered in the K6000 with an 8MP rear camera that can capture images up to 13 Mpx by interpolation, but not recommended.

it is interesting to note that this camera comes accompanied by a powerful flash that dualled helps significantly in low-light scenes.

20151222 141105 Img

In bright outdoor light good results are achieved, however, indoors have to bring out our steady hand if you want moved (unless you use flash) images.

camera ago using the interface typical Chinese mobile with direct access to photo or video and a series of preset modes to capture and flash settings or HDR mode.

the latter mode is performed by combining two images so you still need to keep the terminal to get a good result.

external behaves quite well and is a camera that saves the day , but we must not think of a top-end camera since neither far we get something similar.

Img 20151224 004032


image01 href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/fotografias-k6000/2″>  image01  image01  image01

The whole lens, sensor and processing software gets photos 8MP decent, we could call midrange in situations of good lighting and somewhat shorter if we were to situations where light is scarce element.

king of autonomy with its 6,000 mAh

in case anyone does he had noticed at this stage of analysis, Oukitel K6000 is a point that stands out greatly compared to other features and also compared to other smartphones on the market. That point is battery 6000 mAh.

Oukitel K6000 16

on paper promised greater autonomy and is something we have tested thoroughly as we have not only tested the autonomy of the terminal by a light, we have also seen when we use it for hours, Oukitel behaves K6000 very well.

so much so that we have managed to get more than half a day’s display on a brightness level of 200 lux as evidenced capture PCMark, after these more than 12 hours we still have a 20% battery if we have 6000 mAh , we are confident that we can add about 3 hours until it dry.

 Screenshot 2016 01 21 September 30 07

the choice of components and a very light system K6000 Oukitel make the most suitable for smartphone users Dualsim to the autonomy is the most important when picking a smartphone element.

in addition, splitting hairs, Oukitel has also introduced the characteristic charging other devices via OTG, offering a maximum voltage (measured) 1 amp.

when loading the K6000 Oukitel expect the spend hours and hours filling that huge battery power again, but nothing beyond reality. This terminal enjoys SISTEAM quick load thanks to its charger (5 / 9V) is able to pass 0 to 100% in just under 2 hours .

This section is the most positive terminal of a modest, both in specifications and price and you will make more than one purchase arises. We have spent a entire weekend without visiting an outlet , from Friday morning until Sunday night has used GPS, games, email, messaging push and there was still loads to give some war on Monday.

It’s amazing how you use the phone and does not lower the percentage of remaining battery power. Hours pass and are surprised pleasantly to see all the battery you still have to consume, Oukitel has known how to successfully implement a large capacity battery with rapid charging system, but it is a pity that it is only this field high on the smartphone.

Oukitel K6000, basic phablet with massive range

this mobile phone is one of the cheapest you can buy Chinese, hovering above the 100 euros. It is a very capable smartphone and great strength, range . This point is completed with quick load , which does not eternalize recharge your battery, and the ability to charge other devices from it.

 Oukitel K6000 4

However, we must bear in mind that this advantage involves a consideration, thickness and weight. It is the heaviest of the market for 5.5-inch but those about 200 grams placed him as a smartphone you can not ignore if you carry in your pocket.

Apart from that we have a SoC with very fair return . It is perfect for browsing, watching videos, social networks, but do not expect a good performance in current 3D games. If this is the case, we would encourage you to look at other options, with Mediatek SoC least 6753.

Oukitel K6000 has left us a impression but, yes, and depend on patterns of use of each plus assess whether the battery or, on the other hand, we can fit fair return.


design 5.5
Display 6.5
Performance 5.0
Camera 6.4
Software 6.5
Autonomy 9.75


  • Self
  • quick charge
  • Price


  • weight
  • just Power

the phone has been given for testing by Oppo . You can see our relationships with companies policy

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Oukitel K6000, when autonomy is paramount
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