Outlook is updated and ends with the agony of Sunrise Calendar


Microsoft purchased the popular calendar application Sunrise Calendar on the February 2015 and something more than a year later it was already decided their destiny: extinction. the disarm all reaprovechable and would appear in Outlook, the implementation of office automation all-in-one e-mail, tasks and calendar items from Microsoft. The date for the final run of Sunrise Calendar, the September 1.

The day came, and at Microsoft he was caught in the bull. In their day they promised that no one would miss Sunrise Calendar because it would include a large part of its functions in Outlook, but those improvements still were not ready. Sunrise Calendar was pardoned until Outlook update, but that day has come today, and with it the end of Sunrise Calendar for ever and ever.

The team of Sunrise Calendar has already been fired-again – andyour blog. The application will no longer update the calendar from now, and will not allow you to log on. It ended what was, and if you still carry on clinging to your Sunrise Calendar, it is time to seek an alternative such as their own Outlook, Today Calendar or Google Calendar.

what’s New in Outlook

it Is time to review the old functions of Sunrise that have come into Outlook. The first of them are the interesting calendars additional to follow sporting events. For now very limited and only on iOS, although the Microsoft team promised us that they will arrive soon to Android.

Another added are the icons for automatic events, based on the text. For example, if you create an event for a coffee, is decorated automatically with an icon of a cup of coffee, and if you create an event of a meal with someone, it is accompanied with an icon of a knife and fork.


The events have now with locations search with auto-completion to add the information easily. Yes, the search is based on Bing, as it could not be otherwise. This location can be later used to get directions easily.

selectors dates -a minicalendario floating to choose a day – have been simplified also, inspired in Sunrise Calendar, and in Outlook for the web and PC. In this case, in Android we have to wait yet to enjoy them, because it will arrive “soon”.


The Outlook calendar can finally edit the recurring event from the mobile and is better integrated with Skype for business.

All of these improvements are very good although they seem to a little hasty as if they were hoping to find a good excuse to end with Sunrise. There is also news of some of the features of Sunrise Calendar that we missed in Outlook, such as the integration with more services. I would not dare to say that Outlook is “put the batteries”, but this is the most to which we can aspire, at least for now.

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Outlook is updated and ends with the agony of Sunrise Calendar
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September 14, 2016

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