‘Overlord’: a spectacular and noisy scene which is not well-known or in the feats of war or the zombie nazis

'Overlord': a spectacular and noisy scene which is not well-known or in the feats of war or the zombie nazis

Any fan of fantastic movies will receive you with open arms, output, a project like ‘Overlord’. It is a military adventure that doesn’t mince too many monsergas at the time of putting on the table its crazy and something kneading approach: a platoon of american soldiers has to end with a terrible experiment nazi in a castle in France that seeks to reanimate the dead and create an army of (waiting, next) zombie nazis.

But although his argument is pure spirit pulp, the finishing technician is a lot more ostentatious: no less than two directors of photography (Laurie Rose, usual of Ben Wheatley, and Fabian Wagner -‘Game of thrones’-), a great scenario design and make-up, sequences and spectacular flat-sequence mark of the house (produced JJ Abrams), such as those that open and close the film. In some way, ‘Overlord’ manages to both universes, the production well-stocked ticket, and the argument of Z series, fit into a coherent whole. The fiction of ‘Overlord’ is not thumping, and that is its greatest achievement.

unfortunately, although the war action and the ridiculous zombie shake hands with firmness, the thing doesn’t go much beyond that. There is nothing in ‘Overlord’ that we haven’t seen more and better at other times: of course, there are countless movies of the World War II above this (although in his defence, it is fair to say that ‘Overlord’ is not intended to be recognized as a classic in that paragraph), starting with that ‘bloody bastards’ in the one that looks arrobada all the while, conscious of the miles of distance that separate them at all levels.

But is that on the other hand, not as a zombie movie nazi is above miniclásicos of the genre as the inevitable two editions of the ‘Zombie nazis’, more tronadas but also more imaginative. Or the wonderful ‘Shock Waves’ of 1977, infinitely more atmospheric and mysterious. the ‘Overlord’ does not exploit the powerful imagery pulp that he has at his disposal, nor on the path of occultism nazi, nor by the scientists to Mengele, who seem not to attract the attention of Julius Avery and screenwriters Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith. For does not arrive, does not arrive nor at the level of delirium and frenzy of his inspiration more clear, the latest incarnations of the franchise video game ‘Wolfenstein’, the ‘Overlord’ is a very limited adaptation apocryphal.


it Is impossible to cabrearse with ‘Overlord’: noisy and verbenera up for the cheap scares to hit mount and soundtrack, raucous, seems intent on dodging the details more suggestive of his story. is The rebellion of the cape, the black race of the protagonist, the zombies of uncontrollable behavior after receiving the injection… the possibility to show an army of undead SS is aborted nothing more to arise, and the film is proud of his modesty, and his limitation of characters and scenarios (a town, a house and a tower).

Fun and forgettable, ‘Overlord’ is more for what it points to than for what he offers, and your version of comic a war between the virtuous americans and diabolical nazis is so cheap that exudes charm of the old school. Some technical prowess saves her from be a by-product more, but we will not grant you more of what you deserve: let us remember that up to that original ‘Wolfenstein 3D’, 1992, with all your modesty, you put a Hitler cyborg in the face. ‘Overlord’ should be pointed at the sky or to hell, but not to conform with ideas already exploited in the cheap literature of the fifties.

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‘Overlord’: a spectacular and noisy scene which is not well-known or in the feats of war or the zombie nazis
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October 12, 2018

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