OWC introduces its new kit of change wheels for MacPro

OWC this week announced the launch of its wheel kit Rover Pro to the new Mac Pro. This wheel kit is a solution for quick change that allows you to change time and time again from feet to wheels the base of the MacPro, for a much lower price to the kit officer of Apple.

The kit has been designed to conform to the foot of the MacPro instead of replace them, and this process does not take more than two minutes, is performed by turning with the hand. The kit is made of stainless steel and has a piece of silicone rubber at the interface between the wheel and the foot of the MacPro to absorb the vibrations.

Although the process of removing the wheels takes only a few minutes, OWC provides a set of brakes to the wheels that fit to them to prevent them from shifting.

The kit wheels OWC Rover Pro to MacPro you can already pre order and deliveries will start in September. It has a promotional price of $ 199 and your final price will be 249 dollars (the price of the kit wheels official Apple is 699 dollars).


OWC introduces its new kit of change wheels for MacPro
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August 9, 2020

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