Pajamas smart for older adults, one of the gadgets most curious of CES 2020

sleeping is one of the greatest pleasures of life what we have all already very clear. And in addition every time there are more devices that are designed with the goal of helping us to that sleep is not only pleasant, but comforting.The ‘wearables’ , which monitor the sleep are our bread of each day, but you can always go a little further: forget about smartwatches , or bracelets activity, has come the pyjama smart and is here to give you a complete overview of your patterns of rest.The company of the Tokyo Xenoma has released these ‘smart pajamas’, called ‘e-skin, Sleep & Lounge collection,’ in the CES 2020, the technology fair more important of the sector that takes place in Las Vegas.Thought for the seniors, this pajamas has a style classic, with ‘look of a grandfather’: two pieces rather loose, with soft tissue and of several colors rather serious -dark blue with white stripes, green pistachio, green, or blue-.But in addition to the pajamas, the company has developed another product designed to ‘be at home’: sports type and ‘comfy,’ as a tracksuit, with a sweatshirt with kangaroo pocket. The tracksuit detects if the person who carries it has stumbled and has fallen and triggers an alarm that notifies of the incident to a member of the family previously selected.The pajama monitors the heart rate, breathing and vital signs while the user sleeps and also provides information about the sleep patterns. The tracksuit also does this and also performs a tracking of the activity level and encourages you to walk if this is low.Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, the data that throws the pajamas are for your house smart suits: depending on how the user could adjust the ambiance of the room-for example, the temperature-.

The company has designed these pyjamas are specializing in the development of smart clothing and other products designed for the sport, for the biomechanics or motion capture in 3D, among others.In this video you can understand a little better the functioning of the curious gadget ‘e-skin, Sleep & Lounge collection’:
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Pajamas smart for older adults, one of the gadgets most curious of CES 2020
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January 9, 2020

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