‘Palmeras in the snow’ rubs shoulders at the box office with ‘Star Wars’

C.RULL 'Palmeras in the snow' was the second most watched last weekend with 2.5 million euros. The highest gro...


  • ‘Palmeras in the snow’ was the second most watched last weekend with 2.5 million euros.
  • The highest grossing He returned to be ‘The awakening of force’ with 3.2 million.
  • ‘Eight Catalan surname’ was the preferred third at the box office with 1.2 million.

‘Palmeras in the snow’ rubs shoulders at the box office with ‘Star Wars’

Although href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” Star Wars: The Awakening of force Spanish continues to dominate the box office, and virtually everyone, he has left a strong rival, the Spanish production Palm trees in the snow , according to data, href=”https://twitter.com/rentrakspain” Rentrak Spain, was the second most watched last weekend, the first of 2016, a revenue of 2.5 million euros.

With still provisional figures, the adaptation of bestseller Light Gabás written by and starring Adriana Ugarte, Berta Vazquez and Mario Casas href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” , accumulate less 2 weeks in theaters stunning 6.5 million euros.

As for The awakening of force was, for the third weekend It was the highest grossing row, also on display in 3D, with that score to his tally 3.2 million. Since its debut last December 18, accumulated in our rooms more than 23.5 million euros.

The third was for another grossing films of the season in terms of public success, as href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” Eight Catalan surnames which won 1.2 million and approaches the 33 after 6 weeks in theaters. It is the highest grossing film of last 2015.

Given these figures, little or nothing they could do other films. Animation Carlitos and Snoopy. Peanuts film , in fourth place, experienced only a slight decline in revenue compared to the previous weekend, on his debut, almost 900.00o euros, and 2 weeks exceeds 2.1 million. Fifth place for novelty, the biopic Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender and directed by Oscar-winning Danny Boyle, who seized 600,000 euros.

The rest of the ranking of the most complete with views href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” animation The trip Arlo , sixth and accumulating nearly 8 million since its release; comedy debut href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” Parents by unequal starring Mark Wahlberg href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” and Will Ferrell and into seventh place; href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” The Bridge of Spies eighth and about to reach 7 billion fund in our cinemas; the remake Point Break (Unlimited) ninth and in the tenth position, The Walk (The challenge) , around 1.4 million in ten days.

Among the premieres in a limited number of rooms, it stands up very well href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” and accumulates more than 300.00 euros in ten days.


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