“Papers, please” end in Android


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For some time this part, talking about the game industry, it is clear that independent developers are having an important weight. And it is not just throwing games to add to the catalogs of our devices or consoles, but it creates experiences that have little to do with the games and corseted clone mammoth companies (which I love).

“Papers, please” is one of those games that offers something difficult to expect in a video game, you may wonder but, as usual in this type of security is backed by a message that makes it all worthwhile. The game developed by Lucas Pope puts us in the shoes of an officer who must choose who and who does not pass at a border crossing. It seems simple but I assure you it is not. And best of all, this experience, acclaimed by critics and audiences, can be enjoyed on Android.

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According to statements of the author to Pocket Gamer, the game will come to Android. However, before that is going to translate into several languages ​​and will behave to Mac and Linux. We imagine that at the end of the year you can enjoy mobile.

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“Papers, please” end in Android
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August 26, 2013

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