‘Paquita Rooms’ is just as funny and endearing in a season 2 that increases the emotional factor

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‘Paquita Rooms’ was born as a small series that Atresmedia wanted to connect with a younger audience through Flooxer. What is true is that I got it, but for a time it seemed that it was going to be in a thing without any kind of continuity, but it was there where it appeared Netflix for first adding the series to their catalogue and then buy their rights to Atresmedia to give the green light to a second season, which debuts this Friday.

For my part, I arrived late to this phenomenon on a small scale that was the first batch of episodes of ‘Paquita Rooms’ and I think that ended up playing more against than in favor. Certain praises were so great that then it is true that I enjoyed what I saw, but at a level more down to earth. Now with the second I have returned to have a good time reencontrándome are your humor goal and a component is more emotional than going to intensify with the passage of the episodes.

The hardships of Paquita

Season 2 Paquita

Already in the first season it became clear that the years of splendor of Paquita as the representative had left behind, and it even managed to retain Macarena Garcia, your best customer. In addition, the joys soon led to disappointments and only left the possibility that the discovery of a possible new star, played by Anna Castle achieving that change.

That detail is recurrent throughout a second season, which starts by showing off your playful side in the first episode, with Paquita trying to control all of their impulses, from your cravings for food until the urge to sing the forty to someone. It is not to do anything special there, but yes the script of Javis -Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo – works pretty well and Brays Efe what is running all of marvel up to its inevitable final burst.

Scene in Season 2 Paquita Rooms

however, already in the first installment will plant the seeds of what is to come: the hardships for PS Management. That is something that is used to enhance that mood goal how well it worked in the first season, which here takes the appearance of a multitude of familiar faces, working better in some cases than others. the Yes that is on the verge of the overbooking in some moments, but the brevity of the season -again in five episodes – it prevents to reach to disturb.

in Addition, ‘Paquita Rooms’ retrieves that factor endearing that no doubt was decisive for many lovers of the television encariñasen with her and her universe. It does so both in small details here and there -it helps a lot a Bethlehem Costs which always knows how to squeeze the maximum when given a good role – as in a chapter which revolves mainly around Lidia San Jose playing a version of herself.

More virtues than problems

Image 2 Season Rooms Paquita

Nor does it lack a look into the past of Paquita where alternate good ideas with others in which I see the occurrence, but the execution does not finish to be desired, something that already happened in the first. Another aspect that I ended up fallen in love was the disappointing use of one Anna Castle that doesn’t have much presence when we had been previously prepared to have a notable presence here, maybe a problem of agenda that has prevented him from participating as much as I would have liked to Javis?

on the other hand, I also noticed that recidivism in his characteristic humorous style flirts at times with the repetition, but as what makes coming up with a narrative line clear and betting on it is something I can overlook. At the end of the day, until the moments that are far from the line are at least sympathetic and that helps a lot, the good treatment he gives to his main characters.

From this was born what makes it special, even if you don’t connect as much with it as has happened to other viewers, which is note that in addition to understand well to their characters, they also know which keys to touch to make them glow, and raise a series quite sencillita -something that is perceived, above all when you go for a mood more earthy, as in the discussion on the reasons for not speaking in certain scene – to another level.

In short,

the second season of ‘Paquita Rooms’ maintains the vital signs of the series giving also a step forward in the life of its protagonists. Will have to see what leads to that in a third batch of episodes already confirmed by Netflix, but for now we’re left with is a new dose that to good sure will enjoy their followers and allow you to add some more.

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‘Paquita Rooms’ is just as funny and endearing in a season 2 that increases the emotional factor
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June 28, 2018

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