Patton Oswalt explains an interesting theory about the origin of the Joker did Heath Ledger

Patton Oswalt and Headh Ledger as the Joker

Ten years later, ‘The dark knight’ (‘The Dark Knight’) has been consolidated as a modern classic. Qualified at the time as ‘The godfather’ films, comics/superheroes, their success at the box office (1.004 million) remains small compared with its impact on the later films and popular culture. Still continues to speak. And a large part of the blame Heath Ledger.

so Much for his performance (awarded with the Oscar) as by his tragic death, six months before the premiere. Created a legend. The film has great moments but the Joker is the most extraordinary. No one expected something like that; not after what he did to Jack Nicholson in ‘Batman’ that seemed insurmountable. One of the many successes of Christopher Nolan in reinventing the enemy of Batman was to maintain the mystery about origin. A mystery that now can be solved, partially, Patton Oswalt.

best known for his role as a comedian, Oswalt has participated in almost 200 title; has been an actor in numerous series and films (‘Young Adult’, ‘Veep’, ‘Agents of SHIELD’…), and the voice of many animated characters (‘Ratatouille’, ‘BoJack Horseman’, ‘Archer’…). Is a fan confessed to the Batman universe and has offered in your account of Facebook is a interesting theory you could clarify something key in the past of the Joker of Ledger.

As you recall, and if not for that, is the video above, the character is your scars in two scenes of ‘The dark knight’ but offers a different versions (at the end is about to tell you another story, but Batman interrupts him). It is a decision brilliant of the writers, the brothers Nolan. Something that I have always found ridiculous the villains is that they give explanations, so unnecessary, to the point of making the hero can stop him and put an end to his evil plan.

The Joker speech to manipulate, confuse or disturb. Wants to be a symbol, like Batman. The film ends and we don’t really know anything of him, where it came from or why it is how it is. So it is inevitable to ask yourself questions, gather the clues and try to fill in the gaps with imagination. One theory, widespread among fans is that it is a an ex military man, and now Oswalt has provided some answers that have a lot of sense. Below I have translated some extracts of the text that he has published:

“Just to see The Dark Knigt and the other flash has come to my mind about the Joker: what if it’s not just a an ex military man, but a an ex military man of intelligence? Are specialized in interrogations?”

Seems to be very good in that sort of mental manipulation which requires an interrogation extended, professional. His boast about how it detects “informers” when he sees one. The way that fits their personality and their methods dependiende on who you’re talking about, and how you know EXACTLY the reaction that’s going to get.”

“you Change your past constantly (and therefore who it is). For Gamble and his minions, was an abused child (assuming that they are also products of abuse and neglect). For Rachel, it is a man crying a tragic love: something that she also is struggling.”

“As she points to Cody Glive in a comment, the Joker always “directs” the questioning of Batman, as an instructor to a newbie: “Never start with the head, the victim gets dizzy.”

“AND ALSO I just realized: the Joker uses the dogs of the Russian against him, and later loose against Batman. Exactly like the photos of Abu Ghraib prisoners being terrorized by dogs.”

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Patton Oswalt explains an interesting theory about the origin of the Joker did Heath Ledger
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May 19, 2018

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