Penelope Cruz presents its first documentary and calls for more research on leukemia


  • Penelope Cruz says there is very little research on childhood cancer.
  • “The greatest efforts always derive the adult world because it is more profitable for pharmaceutical and for reasons we all know, “he said.
  • Ensure that, while making the documentary” I’m one hundred thousand ‘, many days came home crying.

Penelope Cruz,

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Penelope Cruz is almost finished assembling his first documentary, href=”” One among hundred thousand , in which, “without forcing anything without artifice,” as director opens his eyes to the world about the drama of childhood cancer and calls. everyone’s efforts to investigate more

“No I mean, what the researchers and doctors who appear in the documentary say a child a day dies in our country (…), there is very little research and the greatest efforts always derive the adult world because is more profitable for pharmaceutical and for reasons we all know. But it is. “

With these words answered Penelope Cruz told reporters gathered in the auditorium of the Academy of Cinema in Madrid, full to overflowing, where part of the finished work of this documentary was shown I am one hundred thousand , who has led the artist.

The Oscar winner, who declined comment lack of racial diversity of the gala awards Hollywood this year – “It will be a mess, answer so answer,” he said, exuded patience and conviction to explain how it had been his work in the documentary and how it had affected him “step into the shoes of the people who live so many losses.”

“All I have scored a lot,” said Cruz, who has said that even “doubt” whether it would affect do that job, although many days reached their allowed home crying. “make up so much and makes you feel so useful.” Therefore, in addition to engaging in body and soul, has put on the table all their influence to celebrity claim means the specific study of childhood cancer, because “without research this progresses to a crawl. “

” But beyond that governments can do more, of course, everyone can do something “, said the actress, who this year opts for the seventh time -HA Goya won three-, this time for his work precisely on cancer patient in Ma ma , Julio.

A very human work

With a very sober and images that are full truth naturalness and style, the documentary puts me in the privacy of families and talks with doctors and researchers working with the help of NGOs such as One hundred thousand and the signature Viceroy, who financially supported a research grant each year.

When it started to roll, Cruz said he wanted to be filled with pictures, information, and then decide how and how to tell all those stories. Today explained that worked with the script in the head and it was around a table, sitting with some of the parents who presented the president of the NGO, José Carnero, where he found the key: while parents talk freely about their experiences, how they knew their children were sick, the viewer sees the day of children.

Spectacular Eve, Angel, Alvaro Alba, Matthew, Oscar, Sergio and Hugo, multiplied tiny wise to accumulate stocks in their short life and brave pediatric cancer physicians of hospitals in La Paz and the Infant Jesus of Madrid claiming that sick children “unprofitable” for pharmaceuticals.

“A research project starts from 50,000 euros”, recalled the actress.

Although the actress already had repeatedly tested work as director in commercials, Cruz said he would love to continue making documentaries and filming behind the camera ads, but to make a film will take its time. “Someday I will venture”, has said, yes, no sooner than five years.

About to start shooting The Queen of Spain Fernando Trueba, part thirty years later of The Girl of Your Dreams , actress comedy touted these days Zoolander 2 next to Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and then work with her husband Javier Bardem in the new film Fernando Leon de Aranoa, the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar


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