Person 5 Royal shows Futaba Sakura video

Is one of the protagonists of the original that will provide aid to the rest of the Phantom Thief.

Atlus has shown a new trailer for Person 5 Royal dedicated to one of the protagonists of the game, Futaba Sakura, a girl introverted that will join the Phantom Thief-especially giving support to the rest of the group.

Person 5 Royal is presented as a edition improved and enlarged of Persona 5, with new content and adjustments playable that define it as a title more comprehensive and improved than its predecessor. Person 5 Royal has a third quarter that extends the story after the ending of Persona 5, and the new girl will give a new perspective on the events and characters are known, so that will be some adjustments in the story. There are 20 new music tracks.

Person 5 Royal will come to PlayStation 4 on 31 October in Japan and will have a release in the rest of the world expected to 2020.

Person 5 Royal shows Futaba Sakura video

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