PhotoScape 3.6.5-Organize and retouch your photos, easy and free

PhotoScape is a viewer, organizer and editor affordable images whatever your level of knowledge. It has everything you need to manipulate photos on your computer and results for daily use are varied and attractive.

Functionality: an assortment of tools at your fingertips

Many PhotoScape functions, all separated as modules that access your folder tree without problem. In the main window you’ll find utilities of all types:

Processor advanced
– Create mosaics
– Create murals
– Create animated GIF
photographs – Converter of formats

usability: two zones with many options and aids

The features PhotoScape are organized in two ways: through a ring actions common and the tabs on the upper area of ​​more general use. It is very easy to access both and all actions are fully explained.

One aspect which is evident ease of PhotoScape is his speed when apply effects . Remove red eye, add frame, change the tint, brightness, blur areas … All work in one click , but just have to adjust any settings.

Quality: classic interface, unbeatable performance

If anything is to be commended for their PhotoScape performance . Open the program will take a few seconds, much less time than other editors like Photoshop , but both point to public different.

As for the interface , although it is less modern than other similar programs, perfectly fulfills with its mission and has a well organized, as the main ring of options and image gallery.

Conclusion: your first choice for daily use

If you’re just improve your images , PhotoScape is one of the best options. It still has to polish some aspects and their results are far from professional, but amply meets for those who are less skillful retouching images.

Download PhotoScape 3.6.5 at

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PhotoScape 3.6.5-Organize and retouch your photos, easy and free
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July 15, 2013

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