Pierce Brosnan: “Promiscuity is part of the human condition”


  • The actor stars in ‘The husband of my sister’, which gives life to a man wrapped in a story of love, sex and immigration university professor.
  • “As in life itself”, the film mixes humor, comedy and drama and accompany the cast Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba.
  • Bronan says he is very proud of his role as 007, to it is not “a burden” and that has allowed him to “have saved the world four times”.


The former type more seductive, gallant and infallible and confident in his role as James Bond, is now put on the skin of a man lost something. The husband of my sister (opening Friday) is a romantic comedy starring Pierce Brosnan in his character, a college literature professor named Richard, moves between sex, infidelity , paternity and the love between two sisters, played by

This is a story of families and relationships between parents and children something atypical, have you felt identified?
I could identify with Richard as feeling like “fish out of water “to be in a country that is not yours and as the father. Obviously, I’ve never fallen in love with two sisters. What attracted me to this film was the desire to work with Matthew (Matthew Newman, a writer and editor) for their formade write, and be able to shoot in Malibu and of course working with Salma, with whom I have very good relationship. I could really enjoy this project.

In this film comedy and drama seem to be part of the same …
As in life itself, there are periods , sometimes …

Right now in the US the immigration debate is the order of the day and his character has to deal with that … What is your opinion on the political situation and in particular on the statements of Donald Trump?
This country has established and built by immigrants. I can hardly take seriously enormously Donald Trump, do not know how anyone could, but unfortunately I think has a chance of winning. I think everyone the opportunity to live a decent life deserves. I would really like to see a relationship between the United States and open, collaborative and healthy Mexico. I hope you get a chance to Hilary Clinton.

The film starts with a “it’s not you, it’s for me”, is the most used phrase in history?
Not really, but it’s true that sometimes occurs that the problem is not the other but oneself. Yes, that does happen. As a phrase, I do not think you use both, I never had raised.

In the film we see rebels and inspiring teachers, remember some you have?
Unfortunately not at school, I found when I arrived at the Academy of Dramatic Art. True teachers, mentors … really inspiring people, you power.

Have you learned anything from the Romantics with this movie?
I’m not particularly fond of Romantic poets … I am an Irish man. If I can say that I am passionate about W.B. Yeats, the book that I hold in the film and recite which is mine.

Did you ever love is easy?
No, I always have to work.

In the film there is nimble and witty dialogue, are they really science fiction can be kept with anyone?
I had not seen that. I do not know if they are real or science fiction, but what attracted me to the script was just that: how to write Matthew, his stories, his dialogues

You really are so different English and American.?
Yes and no. I assume that we are all equal, but it is true that we have some differences of character. English formality which applies to all and not in the United States, for example. I really feel Irish and I love British humor, which is certainly different. I also think it is a question over how we perceive each other.

Are there more or promiscuity now is just more visible?
I think it’s something that has always been there, is part of the human condition. It’s part art, music, entertainment … Great artists are known precisely for being promiscuous people, it is something that is linked to the passion, beauty … Of course, in some ways, he is linked to character artist!

How was it working with small Duncan Joiner? Is it difficult to work with children?
It can be very difficult to work with children. Well, actually not so much with the kids, rather with their parents, often on the set always close and can make it difficult. In this case it was easy and Duncan is great, a little professional.

To apply the Carpe Diem, is there to be brave or cowardly?
is Carpe diem live in the moment … That’s all we have, the past is past, the future do not even know if it will. What we have now is the need to fully live it. All we have is “ours now.”

How many times have asked in promoting this film for 007?
I asked a lot by James Bond . It is probably one of the most important roles of my career … and I’m proud of having saved the world four times! It has given me the opportunity to travel a lot, meet new people and places. The character does not pose a burden to me, I am truly grateful.

Have you seen the Spanish version? How about dubbing?
No I have not seen, obviously I would like people to see the complete job, but I understand that sometimes may not be possible.

BIO: Besides actor, Pierce Brosnan is a prolific painter. Born in Ireland in 1953 although he moved to London in just 10 years. He rose to fame with his role as Remington Steele in the eponymous series. He is married and has four children.


Pierce Brosnan: “Promiscuity is part of the human condition”
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October 23, 2015

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