Piñuela chatted with Manuel, the Mexican who managed the wireless power transmission

Piñuela talked with Manuel, the Mexican who achieved the wireless transmission of energy

We interviewed Manuel Pieñuela Rangel, Mexico’s chief technology officer and co-founder of Drayson Technologies to learn about the technology that has been developed to transmit energy without . of cables or batteries

Piñuela Manuel Rangel is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of the company Drayson Technologies . He is Mexican and graduated from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in addition to studying his PhD at Imperial College London. At the end of this he met Lord Paul Drayson, who is former Minister of Science and Innovation in the UK, through the Office of Technology Transfer (Imperial Innovations) from Imperial College and decided to found the company.

In an interview for Hypertext , Manuel Piñuela tells us that during his doctorate focused on two projects aimed at energizing wireless sensors, one of which is with the technology called Inductive Power Transfer (wireless transfer inductively), and the other by radio.

Inductive power transfer

This technology is aimed at industrial applications, and may energize equipment and power hungry sensors to hundreds of watts, without the need for cables . The inductive power transfer work from a transmitter that generates a magnetic field, this in turn is absorbed by a receiver that is on the device that you want to load and is transformed into current that powers the device. This process can be done remotely, several meters between the transmitter and the devices that are to be loaded.

Manuel told us that applications for this technology are industrial , as machinery in a factory, but it can also be used for a smart home devices that require more energy for operation. Said the advantages are mentioned, suppresses the use of wiring, and therefore the maintenance of facilities, but also avoids the risks of shock because there is no direct contact with the energy or traditional drivers .


The other technology developed in Drayson Technologies basically recycle energy that is in the air , such as television stations, cell stations, wireless routers for example. This process is called recycling of radio frequency ( energy harvesting ) that Drayson Technologies encompassed under the name FREEVOLT . The most interesting thing about this technology is that the user needs no transmitter because they are already in the city and Free-Volt-drayson-technologies with them sensors are energized in this case very low power, he explained Manuel Piñuela.

One of the areas in which they work to introduce technology FREEVOLT, is called beacons , which are devices of low power consumption and provide information locally and in shops and cities, which gradually are more present, with which relevant data can be historical, instructional and other applications are provided. One of the problems of the beacons which seeks to resolve technology ** keep FREEVOLT is loaded without the need for wiring or batteries.

Recycling uses radiofrequency energy the environment to keep devices charged without the need for wires or batteries The company seeks to FREEVOLT is present in various sensors, whether home or smart cities, giving added value to technology Internet of Things . Manuel also said seeking work in the area of ​​wearables; and in both cases offer the advantage of remove the need to reload batteries or use cables . They are currently in search of companies that integrate into their products.

However, the ability to charge devices with radio frequency technology developed at Drayson Technologies is not compromised and there are many of these that depend that means to stay loaded because these sensors are very low power consumption. Manuel explained that there is enough energy in the environment to keep them loaded.

Tag CleanSpace


The first application of FREEVOLT, and last September 30 was launched, it is CleanSpace Tag is a sensor that measures air quality and that apart from the scope that has not need to be plugged in or using batteries, but uses the energy that is in the environment. Alongside this wearable indicates the application CleanSpace records air quality

Manuel Piñuela added that as technology company, and although they love they have developed is Paul Drayson important for him to know and what to do with it beyond the sale of licenses to other companies to use FREEVOLT. That is to say, they looked at ways that this technology has impact on people . As personal experience we talked about the time he lived in Mexico City and as many of his friends began to move for health problems resulting from air quality there.

From this They questioned whether they could develop a platform to provide information on air quality . Manuel explained that even though a city may be contaminated zones where there is less or more. This is the root of CleanSpace , an application for iOS and Android, which can even be used without the CleanSpace Tag, where you can view information about air quality using a map in which the most polluted areas and cleaner city shown. This works from environmental monitoring sensors located in cities and developed an algorithm with which Drayson Technologies useful to users of the application information is generated.


Not only is there a level of information, but it helps to build more roads and clean them by equally clean as walking or cycling media. This results in implementing what they call CleanSpace Miles (clean miles) so that two things happen, explained Manuel Piñuela, will not be contaminated and can be accumulated and exchanged for rewards, ranging from subscriptions to digital magazines, enrollment rates a gym, locks for bikes, and even compete for a complete wardrobe for the whole year.

The whole process gets even better, Manuel said, when you have the CleanSpace Tag which is currently phase pre Crouwdfunder , which is a week to close its campaign has had a very favorable response and that hopes to achieve the goal. It can also be purchased directly from the page CleanSpace, and shipments are scheduled for next November.

It should be noted that at present is only available in UK However, by early 2016, the goal for Drayson Technologies, is to launch in other countries including Mexico , which is the bastion to introduce CleanSpace the rest of Latin America, he said.

Revolutionary Technology

With the interesting applications that can have this technology, along with what is already being done with the Internet of Things and use the information collected with these devices can be provided relevant information to users as CleanSpace, but above all, said Manuel Piñuela, these sensors that safely be everywhere be powered without wires or batteries .

We also added the ability to FREEVOLT to make the Internet of Things becomes a reality and energize devices is a revolutionary technology because it will help the whole industry to move faster and is taken by an simpler, removing obviously barriers to entry that always exist for the fruits of innovation.


Piñuela chatted with Manuel, the Mexican who managed the wireless power transmission
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October 22, 2015

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