Pixar re-starting the plant animated by dreams emotional ‘overturn’

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  • The new Pixar film, Reversed ( Inside Out ) , he grossed 91 million in its first weekend in the US and achieved 2.9 at its premiere in Spain.
  • This film a return to the path of excellence after four years in which the animation studio has not met expectations.
  • We reviewed the course of the study from its inception to the development of short films, the achievement of ‘Toy Story’ and jewels as ‘Monsters, Inc.’ ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Up’.

Inside Out

In 1995, a cowboy doll with cloth and airs revolutionized space hero, almost by surprise, the film industry. They were Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the protagonists of Toy Story , a film destined to make history for many reasons: it was the first feature film from Pixar, the first animated film created completely with digital effects, the highest grossing film of the year (grossed over $ 360 million) and the realization that the animated stories could be as true for children and adults entertainment.

Now, twenty years after that milestone, the almighty Pixar and tries to overcome that has perhaps been the only blip in its history (three minor films ?? Cars 2 , Brave and Monsters University ?? and one year, 2014, without producing any) with an original story that responds to the title overturn ( Inside Out ).

The film chronicles the adventures and misadventures living personified emotions of a girl (joy, fear, anger, disgust and sadness) 12 years he should go with his family to live in another city. overturn does not hit theaters until July 17, but it appears that meet or even exceed expectations. The film can boast of having obtained the first standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival , where he excelled as a complex, brilliant and imaginative storytelling. The very John Lasseter, creative director of the study, said that it is “one of the most important films in the history of Pixar.”

Now, with the film already premiered, it seems the public half the world agrees. In its first weekend in the US, a month ago, Inside Out grossed $ 91 million , the second biggest opening of Pixar after the 110 million Toy Story 3 and absolute record for an original film (not based on any franchise or previous work) to exceed the figure of 77 million grossed Avatar (2009).

This weekend, overturn has been released in Spain also with great success. Has been placed at number one in the Spanish box office with A collection of 2.9 million euros , relegating to the second position to the media and yellow Minions .

overturn has again Pixar in the path of excellence that began decades ago, many years before Toy Story . The origins of the company go back to 1979, when I was born as a division of Lucasfilm called The Graphics Group. At the first stage, the company took care of the special effects movies like The Wrath of Khan and Young Sherlock Holmes .

However, the birth of Pixar as such did not take place until 1986, when a visionary Steve Jobs purchased the company from George Lucas for $ 5 million. That same year he released his first short film, Luxo Jr. , starring two hoses that eventually became part of the company logo. These two minutes of technological achievement Pixar served him a nomination for the Oscar for best animated short. I did not get it, but it was a good sign. Today, the studio has already won fifteen Oscars , seven Golden Globes and eleven Grammy.

That original short was just the first of many. Even after the success of Toy Story , Pixar has never neglected the shorts, stories few minutes often possess an outstanding technical quality and narrative. Some of the most memorable are The man orchestra, chess master, Fair and Day & Night .

But everybody titles known and have already become part of the history of cinema and popular culture are those of their feature films, made for Disney until 2004 and it has already done as part of Disney since 2006, when the giant entertainment industry bought Pixar for 7.4 billion dollars and gave Lasseter also creative control of Walt Disney Animation Studios.

What came after ‘Toy Story’

A Bug’s Life, A Bug (1998): An intelligent adaptation of the classic The Seven Samurai , Akira Kurosawa, replacing humans by insects and the argument passed through the sieve of children’s entertainment to make it accessible to everyone. Despite shine a technical level, have excellent villain (the Hopper grasshopper) and so shocking scenes as the final battle in the rain, is one of the least memorable Pixar tapes.

Toy Story 2 (1999): The smash hit Toy Story a sequel was inevitable. Initially, Disney had intended to release the film directly to video, but after seeing how advanced, chose to release it in theaters. However, at Pixar they were not satisfied with the quality of the film and, since the release date could not be changed, they were forced to rethink the whole argument on a week end . Visually, the study tested a system that allowed them to deposit dust on objects. Despite the many problems of development, the second adventure of living toys was a big hit with critics and audiences. In addition, Toy Story 2 revealed the comic potential of Barbies

Monsters SA (2001). Pixar again surprised with an original story that explained children fear monsters that lurk in closets and under beds. The heartwarming story scary monster Sully and Boo small conquered the hearts of millions of viewers around the globe. This time, the study used a sophisticated technology that create a realistic physics for the film. They also developed a system to naturally move the 3.2 million blue hair Sullivan.

Finding Nemo (2003): On this occasion opted for A road movie Marine featuring a clown fish that had to cross the ocean to find I lost a son. The adventurous tone and great comic film loading has left many scenes to remember, many of them featuring the forgetful Dory: group therapy sharks aspiring vegetarians, walk by the sea currents along the Surfer turtles, balleno conversations, the group of fish aquarium dentist …

The Incredibles (2004 ): Brad Bird, director of the animated cult The Iron Giant tape , entered the service of Pixar to run a story superhéores that, once removed and with family life, they should return to action. This clear homage to comics, full of clichés and references to works like Watchmen or Fantastic 4 was the first studio film starring humans. The difficulty of human skin, hair and realistic movements was a challenge for the study

Cars (2006). This set in a strange world story in which there are only humanized cars marked the first drop in quality of Pixar. Although technically good level script was well below its predecessors. The reviews were not too good and the box office would not give the size (compared to releases years before and after), but Cars swept merchandising . Kids love toys Lightning McQueen

Ratatouille (2007). Pixar soon demonstrated that Cars was just a blip, since only a year later reenamoró half the world with Ratatouille , a superb story that again to splurge excitement and creativity. The unusual approach, a rat who aspires to be a chef in Paris, lies a complex and deep storyline that addresses many issues of adult and intelligent way: art, creativity, excellence, friendship, family … Its final stretch is the best proof of boundless talent of Pixar, this study is only able to put hair on end with a climax that is a food critic testing a dish cooked by a rat. The final criticism of Anton Ego is also well remembered.

Wall-E (2008): This environmental story starring a robot teeming humanity and love gives the viewer for about the first half of his footage, one of the best and most poetic samples silent film history. Their level of visual detail is fascinating and development, overwhelming. It was the first Pixar film in which real images were used. Another curiosity is the inclusion of several related Apple (fruit of Steve Jobs linking with Pixar) elements: a designer of the company on the block helped in the creation of Eve, the female robot in the film, while for voice AUTO, artificial intelligence antagonist, was used MacinTalk of the program

Up (2009). The Ten first minutes of this film, in which the life of a couple has since both are children until he is widower and elder without being able to have children, are already on merit part of film history . Criticism at his feet and Up surrendered had five Oscar nominations, including a in the category of best film , which so far only I had gotten an animated film, Beauty and the Beast . Won two of the five awards, best animated film and best soundtrack

Toy Story 3 (2010). Fifteen years after Toy Story and eleven of its sequel, Pixar achieved what seemed impossible, outperform their predecessors and close a perfect trilogy. Andy has grown up and should go to college, and there is no room in her life for her childhood toys, so for Woody and company begins a new journey in search of a better place. The result is a thrilling story full of adventure, comedy, horror and emotion that is almost impossible not moistened eyes. He also won a nomination for best picture.

Cars 2 (2011): If Cars was a drop in quality by the study, Cars 2 was a disaster, uninspired film and nothing worthy of study that signature. So far, Pixar had just repeated franchise (and justifiably) with Toy Story , so it was difficult to understand that hurl to make a second part of its worst rated tape. Perhaps the eagerness to sell toys led them to develop this strange story of spies protagonziada by car with life. It was the first feature of the study did not get any nomination Oscar

Brave (2012). better than Cars 2 , but very ambitious, too conventional. The fact that it is led by a tough girl, a Scottish princess deploring sexist traditions did not make it sufficiently attractive and groundbreaking as to win over critics. At the technical level it is impeccable. Pixar team took more than three years to achieve the curls that characterize Merida . The challenge was considered so complicated that put a straight hair. Although not enthusiastic, he managed to win the Oscar for best animated film against strong competitors like Frankenweenie , The ParaNorman and Breaking Ralph.

Monsters Universit (2013): Third consecutive lower studio film, a prequel to Monsters Inc which tells how Mike and Sully met when they were young. is correct in everything but not surprised at all. In addition, many of the best jokes and situations only get full value in relation to the original film. It was the second film in Pixar who ran out nominations at the Oscars.

The immediate future

After a 2014 without feature film from Pixar, mainly due to production problems The Good Dinosaur , the study seems that seeks to recover his magic with movies like overturn . However, there are few sequels already in development and they do fear the establishment of the line of conformism that resulted in movies like Cars 2 and Monsters University . The return of two classic Toy Story and Finding Nemo , and a rookie adventurer dinosaur are the greatest assets of study for the next two years.

The first to arrive after overturn be that good dinosaur, which it seep in theaters on November 27 and will provide a double helping Pixar 2015 . The film tells how the shy lizard Arlo, by a series of accidents, ends away from his family and the only company of a boy named Spot.

To summer of 2016 is expected to return to fingerling Nemo screens, but this time the spotlight will yield to her friend, who gives name to the film, Finding Dory . The Dory forgetful suddenly remembers his family and embarks together Nemo and his father Marlin, on a trip to find that takes you to the Marine Science Institute, where he will spend most of the action.

Finally, the jewel in the crown and emblem of the company Toy Story , will have a fourth installment , but it will not be “a continuation of the previous ones, but a new chapter completely, explained Lasseter. Pixar has seven films in development with which it has well covered future projects until 2020.


Pixar re-starting the plant animated by dreams emotional ‘overturn’
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July 21, 2015

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