Pixlr Express, edit photos with professional effects in Android

 Pixlr Pixlr Express 01 Express, edit photos with professional effects in Android

The best way to edit your photos on Android and add amazing effects has a name: it is called Pixlr Express and is among the most downloaded apps of the week thanks to a wide range of modifications to your photos have a truly unique style.

For users who believe that photo editing is difficult or boring, Pixlr Express comes to prove the opposite. Not only has tools to fix flaws or failures in a photograph taken in haste or in low light, also includes hundreds of fun effects for you to convert your pictures into amazing tricks or artistic creations, and in a few seconds you can upload to Internet and share by Facebook and similar social networks.

Another great advantage of Pixlr Express is that it is a free application . You devote yourself to retouch your photos with dozens of different effects and with a simple interface and a nice Android App designed to reach the maximum possible audience to be free.

Basic Options as rotate and straighten photos join a wizard to automatically color balance, a manager effects to have our list of favorite options for repairing bad photographs taken and various lighting effects, among other alternatives.

Pixlr Express does not require us to have a camera phone. Just enough to have Android. We can select the photos in our gallery and archived in the memory card to retouch and you can share or upload them to the PC for storage.

Pixlr Pixlr Express 02 Express, edit photos with professional effects in Android

Best of the is that it has very intuitive menus and is easy to learn even for users who have never worked with photo editing. The tools are grouped according to varied functions, no retouching of funds, changing eyes, cut and shape, all options designed for a professional editor when converting an image into a work of art.

image filters are also very attractive, since the classic ‘black and white’ or ‘sepia’ to more elaborate and unique effects. Want your photos with a twist? Then start enjoying the incredible variety offered, for free, Pixlr Express.

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Pixlr Express, edit photos with professional effects in Android
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November 26, 2012

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