PlayStation 4 exceeds 29 million consoles distributed

PlayStation 4 exceeds 29 million consoles distributedThis year is estimated to total about 17.5 million consoles.
Sony has updated the sales data in its latest PlayStation 4 financial report for the last quarter, ended 30 September.
The company has highlighted a significant increase in the division of online games and services , which is part PlayStation in specifically a rise in sales of games. The figures are also affected by the PlayStation 3 drop reducing your contribution . Sales and operating revenues rose by 19.4% over last year, some 3 billion. It is just a 4.8% increase in console sales but 56.8% more network services -PlayStation Network- Store and Sony Entertainment.
In terms of number of consoles, distributed 4 million Sony PlayStation 4 in the second quarter of the fiscal year, making a total of 29.3 million . For this fiscal year is estimated to be 17.5 million consoles combined, more than last year 14.8 million-.
Compared with the same quarter, aligning releases, exceeds PlayStation 2 -24.99 million- PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 -16.6 and 13.4 respectively and only behind the achievements of -34.55 million- Wii.

The data, more detailed, can be found on the official website .


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