Pokémon GO 0.41.3 with bonus capture, training more easy and more


As planned, as we have with us the latest update of the famous game of capturing animals while you’re: Pokémon GO. The developments are planned, though are definitely more important than the one we saw the last time that was updated.

The most important changes are the Bonus catch, which you get as a reward by winning certain medals, more easily for train in gyms and a few corrections of errors and changes visual.

Bonus capture

you will Probably have noticed that the achievements, medals, or whatever you want to call it that, of Pokémon GO basically no use. It shows you a nice animation telling you that you’ve won, you feel a little bit proud of yourself but apart from that you don’t get any benefit in the game.

This changes in this version of Pokémon GO, because there are certain medals that give you an edge to capture certain types of Pokémon. The own display of medals has changed its design. Whereas before it showed all in a row including its name and the progress numerical of the same, now it only shows their icons, a progress bar is horizontal, and separated into two groups.


The medals of the top are those that still give you no advantage when you get them. The difference is that now you can see the requirements to attain each level, whereas before we only showed the progress of the level in which you were.

In the bottom block are the medals that do give you rewards. There are 16 in total, one for each type of Pokemon (normal, flying, poison, aquatic and others). There are still three levels, but each level gives you a bonus of capture +1, +2 and +3. As its name suggests, the bonus implies that you will have more chances of capturing the Pokémon of that type:.


Training with six Pokémon

the time To train at a gym of your own computer you will probably have noticed a small injustice. While the inhabitants of the gym can be various, you can only compete with a Pokémon. What’s more normal is that you end up losing. Now, regardless of whether the gym is on your team or the opponent, you can choose six Pokémon of your Pokédex to fight for you.

With the relative maturity of the game, the new player find themselves increasingly at a disadvantage with those who have put in months on this: try working with a modest Caterpie CP 200 in a gym full of monsters of 2000 CP is a little less than a mission impossible. Now the CP of the Pokémon parked in a fitness center friend will be reduced according to your level, so you can train more easily.


Other visual changes

the interface of The game has been slightly refreshed in some aspects, like the display of medals that we saw prior to or at the screen that shows the progress of incubation of an egg. the is No longer necessary to exit and re-open of the screen to update the distance traveled.

finally if you underestimate the corrections (and Niantic specifically mentions fixes in the sound) you will be glad to know that you’ve reduced the duration of the animation of evolution. The animation takes now about 20 seconds, not that it’s particularly fast, but even so it is appreciated.

Pokémon GO 0.41.3 should show up sooner rather than later as an update to on Google Play, but if you can’t wait any longer, here you have the APK.

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Pokémon GO 0.41.3 with bonus capture, training more easy and more
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October 12, 2016

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