Pokémon Masters detailing their new products for November and December

The title for mobile DeNA detailed in a new letter from the producers of the news to be released during the months of November and December.

Pokemon Masters is getting these days news as DeNA, the parent of the title, had promised. The producers Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi have presented a new message to the community of players announcing the updates that will come soon during the month of November and December. The game received very little new chapters of history, as well as a special event related to Catleya.

news of November

in Addition to the above-mentioned chapters that have been added to the main story of the game, and an event led by the trainer, Catleya, Sasaki and Iguchi are communicated to us in his letter to the news that will receive the greatest Pokémon Masters in November. These changes and adjustments will be allocated to enhance the content of the game and the rewards that we will receive for completing objectives. There are also plans for an event ‘rally’ which will award items and gems.

Between the settings and enhancements of November we find:

  • The rewards for the events of the story have been revised, starting with the current event of Catleya. The number of gems awarded has increased by 900.
  • The training event type of Ice that will begin on the 14th of November, and the rest of training events will increase the number of your gems at 600.
  • The bonus by the start of the session that began November 1, provides up to 4200 gems.
  • The level cap for all your couples compis will increase the potential maximum of 120.
  • Will add a new category of difficulty to the courses.
  • review the rewards to the courses Very Hard, Super Hard, and the supercursos Very Hard.

The plans for the event of ‘rally’ that will happen middle of the month also include:

  • A bonus for login which will give items and gems.
  • Elements and additional gems that will be awarded if they meet milestones during the event.

news in December

To begin December will come with the novelty of a new type of event that will debut in the game, related to a trainer who uses a legendary Pokémon. In general, December will be a month focused on general improvements of the game that will benefit the coaches, as well as balance in the design battles to provide an experience more fluent.

in Addition, in December, will improve the following aspects:

  • Improvements in the daily quests and the inclusion of coupons daily.
  • Coupons daily that can be exchanged for items used to strengthen couples compis.
  • Missions weekly bingo.
  • A function display couples of compis.

The plans don’t end there, because to Dene as works on the updates of January and February 2020, that will improve and will adjust the difficulty of the challenges to FORMER and added a new mode called “Battle Town”. Finally, the producers wish to thank the support and feedback received by the community of Pokemon Masters.

Pokémon Masters detailing their new products for November and December

Pokémon Masters detailing their new products for November and December
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November 8, 2019

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