Pokémon No: so you can delete your account forever


Have you tired already Pokemon Go? If so, the truth is that you did not last much illusion but hey, tastes nothing about writing. In these cases it is normal to go to your launcher Android, you give to uninstall and even then .

For better or worse, data from your progress in Pokémon Go not saved on your device, but cloud . This has the great advantage that you can settle Pokémon Go on mobile and tablet and play indifferently in either, but on the other hand if you uninstall the game, the data still there.

In a way , account Go Pokémon is like a social network. If you get tired of Facebook, though uninstall the application and enter no, your account is still there . For the game the truth is that not affect you too much, but you might want to eradicate your account for one reason or another. There is a way to do


Be careful, you can not reuse that email

First of all, if you’re not satisfied with how it has begun your starting Pokémon GO and you like restart from scratch , this method really does not bring you any advantage as the email account and the nickname you are currently using will be lost and can not be used again, even after deleting the account.

instead, to restart the game and, for example hacerte with Pikachu the start, the quickest way is to come out of your account (Options – Exit) and sign in with an account other than Google . You do not have another one? Nothing happens, it takes a moment to create it: everything is for Pikachu


If, on the other hand, want to delete your account go Pokémon forever because yes, then please go to esta page support the form to remove account the form is fairly easy to fill. basically have to fill your email, your nickname and why are deleting your account.


the bottom of the form you check boxes telling them understand some important concepts before deleting your account. You are:

  • is an irreversible process and probably can not cancel once you start
  • All your data are permanently deleted
  • can not reuse this email
  • can not reuse the nickname

when you press the button, the request is sent to support Niantic. It is the moment of truth, and perhaps the same time when Pokémon all your life passes in front of your eyes, making you doubt your choice. Do not panic, the form does not complete the process, but you need confirm the deletion by email .


as explained in the mail, you must reply to this message by typing the word DELETE above the first line of the message. Then yes the deletion process that will begin remember, you can still take several weeks

Engadget. | Pokemon Go: 17 things to know if you want to master the game

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Pokémon No: so you can delete your account forever
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July 29, 2016

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