Politibot, the first bot Telegram to follow the elections 26J

A team of journalists, developers, designers and political scientists create Politibot a bot Telegram to follow the elections on June 26.

“The experimental madness of these elections.” With these words define the sociologist Jorge Galindo creating Politibot a bot Telegram to select news, charts, surveys and information related to political parties ahead of the elections on June 26.

Politibot has been released today, thanks to diffusion through your account Twitter, coinciding with the publication of the pre-election survey Sociological Research Centre (CIS) for the elections of 26-J. The bot is an experiment created by two engineers (Juan Font and David Martin-Corral), a sociologist (Jorge Galindo), two journalists (Eduardo Suarez and Martin Gonzalez) and an engineering professor and editor (Kiko Llaneras). The team also share content of interest related to the 26J through his Twitter.


The objective is Politibot “provide useful and personalized information” for each day of the election campaign, which starts today beginning at twelve o’clock. For this, the bot Telegram ask us to start personal data as our gender, age and location, in order to provide individualized data.

You can go then selecting the information you want to receive further, depending their political preferences or extension of the news you want to read. It is also possible to make a number of additional activities, in case you want to know what data Politibot stores, cancel the list of current tasks or eliminate the collection of readings chosen by the bot Telegram.


in recent months, Telegram has become one of the most used communication tools in Spain. After exceed 100 million active users per month this project open-source is considered the “best alternative” platforms such as WhatsApp. And, in addition to the encryption end to end , the existence of broadcast channels and other popular features, such as those mentioned bots, stickers or GIF, Telegram has become a powerful ally of politics.

According gathered in eldiario.es, many parties and political representatives have their own channel Telegram. Recently, a deputy Valencia could vote remotely for a full de les Corts valencianes being on maternity leave. The arrival of Politibot to Telegram is another example of the potential of this courier, with separate desktop applications for all operating systems and web


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