Polybius confirms your version for PC

Is now available for PlayStation VR.

a few days Ago, we have in this analysis all that has to offer Polybius in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. This is a game created by Llamasoft and designer Jeff Minter and framed in the genre of the shoot ’em up with a touch of psychedelic high.

Polybius will have PC version

The project has confirmed now that it will also be released in PC after its release on PlayStation platforms. For the moment, Polybius computer has no date, what we do have is confirmation that it will work with both virtual reality as without it.

Minter has shown on Twitter a picture of the development process where you can see your desktop, several helmets of virtual reality and the chaos that surrounds this creative mind. Will have to wait for the development progress to know how is this version.

Polybius confirms PC version

Polybius confirms your version for PC
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May 29, 2017

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