‘Power canijo’, the new education program on TVE


The summer is the time of change between seasons, ideal for pinpoints what will bring us the grill in the next year. TVE is already closing some of the formats that we see in autumn. One of them is ‘Power canijo‘ which will have a presenter who returns to the national tele hand public entity: Juan y Medio

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‘Power canijo’ wants approach the figure of teachers. The education issue is one of the most concern to our society. Now that relations between students and teachers develop quickly, this program wants to stop at those professionals who work especially to motivate their children and employ original and creative methods to capture their attention

Juan y Medio will feature four collaborators who give another perspective to space. They are Berta Collado, Mario Picazo, Flipy and Elena Furies, each bring their own qualities to a space that is conceived for the whole family, within a broad target that undoubtedly also seek a pretty white tone.

TVE revving up ahead of the new season. In this space as others join the VIP edition of ‘MasterChef’ or the nuevo Cardenas program which learned recently. But certainly what we want very much to see are the new fiction that prepares the chain, like that co-production with the BBC we started to hear about a year ago.

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