PowerAmp V3, new interface and improvements in the audio engine in the last update

PowerAmp V3, new interface and improvements in the audio engine in the last update

If we talk about music players, we have to talk necessarily of PowerAmp. The first version it was launched on Google Play on 1 November 2010 and, after eight years of life, has become one of the most popular applications of Android to accumulate more than 50 million downloads in the free version, more than a million purchases of the full version and a score of 4.4 stars.

however, such popularity was not accompanied by a design, let’s say, modern. the application working perfectly but its interface was far from what we are used to watch now on Android. So, in January of 2016, the guys from Max MP have launched a alpha with a new design in which had been working for a while. It has not been until today, almost three years later, when this version has become stable and has come to Google Play.

The same player always with an updated design

Poweramp V3

The first change is obvious. the interface has been completely redesigned to make it more clean and aesthetic. Starting from the playback screen, album art of the song continues to have a significant role and in it you can see the title, author, and two buttons to rate the topic (which will serve to filter then in the library).

Poweramp V3 1 by Clicking on the buttons under the cover to access more options, such as the programming is off, or random playback.

Just below there are the buttons to control the display, the timer to turn off the music past X minutes (if you like to go to bed with music on) and the buttons to play random or in a loop. Under them is the playback control, which appears above a representation of the waves of the song you are listening to. Finally, at the bottom, and as if a watermark is concerned, we have the KHz, format and bitrate of the file in question.

for browsing, the shortcuts are the same. Sliding to the right we move on to the next song, to the left we move to the previous and sliding down, we open the playlist.

Poweramp V3 2 From left to right: library, equalizer, browser, and settings.

The bottom bar hides four buttons that are used to access the rest of the functions of the app. From left to right are:

  1. Library: you can access all the songs, or filter by albums, artists, genres, or top rated.
  2. Equalizer: for music sound the way you like it.
  3. Search.
  4. Settings: to change the appearance, download album art, etc

In what functions are concerned, Max MP says in the changelog app that has implemented a new DSP that includes improvements in the expander, the equalizer, and new reverb effects and tempo.

added support for output of high resolution audio, although you will need a compatible device

it Also has added internal processing of 64-bit, new audio output options, a remuestreador configurable, and support for formats .opus, .tak, .mka, .dsd and .dsf/dff. To all this we add that it now has support to output in high-resolution, as long as the device is supported.

PowerAmp V3 is already available in Google Play, although it is important to remember that the free version is a 15 day trial. Past the time you have to buy the unlock premium whose unit price is 3.99 euros (single payment).


PowerampVaries depending on the device.

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PowerAmp V3, new interface and improvements in the audio engine in the last update
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December 17, 2018

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