‘Preacher’ has a pilot which is the cane

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It has been what we might call toda transgressor one life so that finally we could see on the small screen the television adaptation of ‘ Preacher ‘, comics of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon with high doses of politically incorrect humor, hooligan and . A couple of years ago AMC announced adaptation shielded by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and until last Sunday many prayed not to make a light version.

So, ‘Preacher’ It begins with a one-hour pilot written by Sam Catlin ( ‘Breaking Bad’) in which we are introduced to Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), an young preacher from Texas that takes a while considering their beliefs and its role in the village. Cassidy also meet (Joseph Guilgon), a vampire who ends up in Annville refuge from his pursuers, and Tulip (Ruth Negga).

Preacher Cassidy

So far so normal … if not for a kind Ente (I’m not sure whether to say more could be considered spoiler because it still has not been revealed in the series) is loose on Earth possessing various priests and religious pastors , which usually cause them a blast tremendous. This body will end up owning Custer, giving it a power that makes you say is met.

I must admit I approached the driver ‘Preacher’ with fear. ‘Preacher’ is one of the comics more beasts and better made while you can take in the face. However knowing that Garth Ennis has been from the beginning making clear what he wanted from the adaptation of his work was quiet, and that was reflected in what seen so far.

Preacher Ruth Negga Tulip Ohare

The episode pilot ‘Preacher’ is the cane . And that’s it. It is not for everyone. Not for all audiences. It is uncouth, violent and with a touch of tripe. No need to know the comic to enjoy and makes you a spectacular presentation of the most legendary characters. It is almost round although its duration affects you.

In the embodiment there is a bit of everything. Usually Green and Goldberg have followed the “guidelines” AMC; but the (few) fight scenes are not very well done … even it gives the feeling botched . Fortunately there is the downside of an episode that usually meets.

Let’s see what lies the first season of ‘Preacher’, which will consist of ten episodes in total, but in principle AMC seems which has become straightened up emitting some breathtaking and sensational . The starting material is very good and have made clear they will not miss the work of Ennis and Dillon so I already look forward to next Sunday.

Tele Go! | AMC announces the release of Preacher

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‘Preacher’ has a pilot which is the cane
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May 26, 2016

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