Presentain, presentations on your phone and tablet


So much for academic projects to give talks in public, we have to take care of using good tools to make sure our presentations fail and are not reliable technical level the graphics, videos and inserted material in them to be displayed correctly.

To take care that our presentation goes smoothly discovered Presentain , a service that will keep our presentations in the cloud to, first, ensure the file so it can not get lost and, second, to facilitate audience participation by opportunity to share our transparency with the public in real time.

So, the main objective of Presentain is to allow the audience can view the presentations from our smartphones and tablets and can comment live and share with others users. As the speaker, you can view the quiz Presentain public as giving it a special engagement replacing the classic presentation presentation by an experience in which the audience collaboration is a key factor.

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Presentain, presentations on your phone and tablet
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June 25, 2013

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