Prison Empire Tycoon is an idle state, in which you have to manage a prison and become a tycoon

Prison Empire Tycoon is an idle that has received the attention’n of hundreds of players for you to take you to the management’n of a cárcel from a view isoméobstetric quality and content in espa&bath;ol that allows the experience to be close to be a simulator in the whole rule.

A simulator idle that we have seen the need to do it to spend for these líneas for their undoubted quality and provide hours and hours of entertainment. is Startás by a cárcel, low security to go through other higher-level for así to become a magnate of prisons. We’re going to do this.

An idle well-worked

Prison Empire Tycoon

The truth is amazing the work that is detrás Prison Empire Tycoon as a simulator, and for these very well designed from the first moment. Seeás how to getá the bus to the ariport&number;s with the prisoners and one-to-one beá received by a guard that carryá to your cell.

Así we will start our journey to través of a small bathroom;or tutorial that taught us&bathrooms;ará I básico of this game idle. Just afterés of getting to know the state to help us payá for every prisoner, and that if we get back to the society already refunded you will receive a great extra for it.

But, of course, is not everything will be a bed of roses, as it is to take good care of the prisoners to not make them nervous and l’e well with even riots; or that some escape. We will receive a greater amount of money for the prisoners más dangerous, but carry that we have más care and that our facilities are suitable for who do not pass the red level in your status bar.

Improving cells, take care of the facilities and más en Prison Empire Tycoon

Prison Empire Tycoon

So we have everything a simulator in which we have to get better all the facilities. We speak not only of putting a tv’n or improve the showers, but other facilities such as the dining room or the patio, to have those comforts that allow you to&years of stay are más bearable.

as we have the offices for the administration’n, the safety equipment the guards or the possibility of improving the ventilation’re not to die of heat prisoners. As a podéis see not lack anything to this simulator of prisons which can be equated in part to others like The Escapists 2. Quite a surprise for those who are looking for games a little más rich in content and that are not so simple.

We have to take care alsoén have the best professionals, así a good cook, builders, guards or office staff are essential for the proper functioning of our prison’re. Alsoén we have to take into account the status of each prisoner to see the general sentiment and not to burst a motín.

The cell isolation está by something

Prison Empire Tycoon

In a confinement having locked up the prisoners and that no estén well care with a few good facilities you can take to get very nervous. Do crazy things and in the end end up in the isolation cell that está en Prison Empire Tycoon. A game freemium in which we are going to have to pull the advertising in order for you to get money and así to improve our prison’re.

A game very visual, with a view isoméobstetric that generate grágraphics very cool and that está full of details. Está translated into espa&bath;ol and not lack anything with a design&bathrooms;o más successful. In tétechnical alsoén comes out and the pull down menu;s and all está más that well-conceived. It is difícil find flaws in the first hour of play, así that there will beá to play más to be able to find these failures.

Prison Empire Tycoon you free of charge to join to the game experience that has managed to delight thousands of players. Or lose a second to go to his facility’n y así to manage a prison’re with a multitude of prisoners of the same creators of Super Idle Market Tycoon.

Opini’re in the editor

it Takes a prison’n from the view isoméin the urethra, and which is distinguished by being in espa&bath;ol.

Puntuaci’n: 7,3

The best

  • Great overall experience
  • Está en espa&bath;ol
  • Very well finished visually

The worst

  • you can Only improve by watching advertising

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Prison Empire Tycoon is an idle state, in which you have to manage a prison and become a tycoon
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July 13, 2020

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