Program your drone movements with the help of this app

program the movements of your drone with the help of this app

BB-8, Sphero, Ariborne, Parrot, Philips HUE and Arduino are some of the many drones and compatible devices that can be programmed at will with Tickle

The drones are clearly one of the star gifts this Christmas. Few houses have been spared one of these little robots flying / shooting for their rooms. There is something for all tastes and budgets. The most advanced, such as DJI, have their own controls and apps that let you see what you recorded. After drones have playful character, such as Sphero or Parrot, which ignore the command to be controlled from the mobile through an app and a Bluetooth connection. If your drone belongs to the latter group not delay to download from the App Store Tickle, a free application allowing program the movements of our drone to create, for example, from an “autopilot” to a game in which we mix the real world with the virtual .

The app was created with the idea of ​​bringing the mobile world one of the most basic programming languages ​​that exist, Scratch 2.0 , so we can bring it even more children. Although, unlike other apps aimed at teaching programming to smaller, has a unique feature: communicate with some of the drones “toy” most popular in the market, which makes it ideal for anyone who does complement. Furthermore, considering that it’s free for everyone thanks to the patrocinadores which contributed to its funding on Kickstarter , no excuse not to try. The list of compatible devices at the date of publication of this article is as follows:

The list of actions we can use to control our drone varies model we have and their characteristics. In the case of aerial drone we can control its altitude, displacement and can even perform stunts. Meanwhile, in the land we can control the lights, movements, colors and even (in the case of Sphero) use their motion sensors and gyroscopes to control what happens in the app (for if we create a game). This is not the first app that allows us to program the actions taken by our drone, in the case of Sphero SPRK has a very similar application, but if it is the first to support multiple drones from different manufacturers


Tickle controlling Sphero Ollie

In a few minutes can make our drone do pirouettes Create a program that controls our drone is as simple as dragging and dropping a couple of blocks , similar to what happens with Workflow , so anyone can use Tickle: from the smallest to the most advanced users. The projects that we can share and when you choose to create a program for a drone is charged a small example. This allows us to easily access actions already completed, but the goal of Tickle is that we believe ourselves.

In my case I have been testing with BB-8 Sphero and have not had any problems or connection or control. If we want to create something elaborate you can take a couple of hours, but if you just want to play around with Tickle and BB-8 in a few minutes we can create something funny and fun . This makes the app perfect for both play around to be the basis of a project more elaborate and planned.

You can download Tickle so free on the App Store. At the moment it is only available for iPhone and iPad.


Program your drone movements with the help of this app
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December 29, 2015

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