Project Shield, Nvidia presents the definitive video game console for Android

It is undoubtedly one of the surprises that CES has brought us: called Project Shield is the Nvidia bet to all those players that left them short a touch screen and want to enjoy the latest titles with better graphics quality and the best possible control. Of course it is a gamble, although from the company to ensure they do not lose money on every sale. The question we’re doing is all Is Project Shield the answer to the prayers of the players?

A console, for better and for worse

The Nvidia handheld console has a five-inch screen with a resolution of 720p, and inside beats the last iteration of the platform Tegra , how could be otherwise. But undoubtedly the absolute star device is the joystick . Unlike previous attempts to put together a mobile command and, as the dutiful but failed Sony Xperia Play, the command has a lot more importance than the screen. And it Project Shield is primarily a console, and does not bother to maintain the functionality of an ordinary smartphone.

The upside is that Nvidia has devoted all its resources to make a console in conditions, and has not been constrained by the limitations that entails creating a smartphone. The downside is that Project Shield is only good for one thing: play. If you want a device that allows you to make a daily use with the bonus of being able to play, this is not your best option. Yes, it is true that using a version “stripped” of Android, is compatible with all the apps there Google Play , and in theory can do the same as any other device. But the design of the hardware ergonomics makes difficult the continued use of the touch screen, so you end up using it only sporadically to navigate the web.

new generation games for a new generation console

Thus, games are the real reason to exist Project Shield. With the console was announced a few titles that are designed specifically for embedded control on the console, but Thanks to the power of Tegra 4 should be able to play almost any game on the market.

ArmA Tactics is the most unknown of all new games announced . The original gun saga is a series of war simulators which are characterized by their enormous realism and how the hardware squeezing the most powerful PCs. However, it seems that the Android version will be very different, which is very understandable since even a command would be enough to handle the game reliably. Instead, ArmA Tactics is a turn-based strategy game, in which to send our units across the map to meet various military objectives. Pending an official announcement, we only have a picture of the game.

Rochard in contrast, seems to be a version more faithful to the original PC. This is an action game where you can only use a gravity gun similar to the one made famous in Half-Life 2. In its 2D gameplay 3D environments have to collect various items and crash against enemies or solve puzzles and scenario to continue our adventures. Although not surprising graphically, using advanced physics will be a good test for Tegra 4.

Burn Zombie Burn in turn bet for more mindless action, with its constant waves of undead that have to remove from an overhead perspective. Maybe it’s the least spectacular of the game announced, but it is probably the most immediate contribution fun of all.

Real Boxing is a port of the original version for iOS , and has been used by Nvidia to demonstrate the power of its new platform with its excellent graphics that show the boxers with a morbid taste for details. The video that is hung version for Apple devices , but we can expect something similar or even better in Project Shield.

Dead Trigger 2 is the sequel to one of the games of first-person action with best graphics on the market today, so it was expected that this delivery keep the bar high in that regard, with huge monsters and gameplay simple and straightforward .

Finally, Blood Sword is an original game which we had not seen anything so far. It seems to be very influenced by Blizzard’s Diablo franchise, both in its setting based dungeons like his style of play based on direct action, but with a touch of RPG.

Streaming PC games

taught another great feature that Nvidia was the possibility of streaming game and mode support Steam Big Picture . When using this mode, the game will run on the PC that we use to this end, and we play them in the Project Shield. Like all streaming systems, it should be noted that the quality of play will depend on the PC on which you’re running, and you can find us problems down the road.

Nvidia demonstrated this feature with some of the best sellers on the market today, as Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted and Assassin’s Creed III, and promised low latency thanks to the power of their high-end graphics. To access the games we can use the Nvidia interface itself, or we can use the Steam Big Picture mode to move through our library of games and social networks.

Does the arrival of the messiah?


Project Shield may well be the revolution that was waiting Android to become the reference in the portable gaming market , but we still have doubts. It is unclear whether the commitment to a console rather than a smarphone will Nvidia will face , because with it is falling quite the target audience. The lifespan of the console is also another point to consider, because with all that chip manufacturing advances could be outdated in just over a year. Another concern is that most of the titles available in Google Play are designed for a touch screen, which in the case of Project Shield is completely secondary to the command.

In any case, no data still do not know, as its release date and price , which are essential to know if this is the new benchmark in portable video games or end other similar projects in the past.

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Project Shield, Nvidia presents the definitive video game console for Android
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January 9, 2013

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