Qualcomm Adreno 530 new features and new ISP aboard the Snapdragon 820

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While we wait to officially detail and verse the Snapdragon 820 , Qualcomm has announced some details of some of its most interesting internal components: the graphics unit Adreno 530 and Spectra ISP or integrated image processor for high-end.

Yes detailing, though, that these processors remain on roadmap and for the remainder of 2015 we will not see anything samples, then you will reach consumer level early next year. Therefore, nada new Nexus these processors … unless you are delayed

Adreno 530. <- - more>: 40% more muscle, and savings

Snapdragon 820 23

Figures most interesting are certainly representing the raw performance of this new integrated graphics in the next SoC (or chipset ). 40% more powerful than the Adreno 430 Snapdragon 810 if we put them face to face, or 40% energy savings on the same charges of processing (where, of course The 430 is the limiting reagent).

This is good news for by the party that touches the GPU, the batteries of our devices, as we squeeze for longer. It is of course better energy management by the chip, although the largest portion comes from the process of manufacturing FinFET 14 nanometer .

This new GPU is designed thinking all fields that remain today in the graphics gluttons games, interfaces, the web and even virtual reality . And of course, it supports the latest graphics and computing APIs, which enters Vulkan, OpenGL ES 3.1, and Open CL 2.0. Video over HDMI 2.0 to 4K at 60 fps, or miracast up 4K30


 image01 href=”https://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/adreno-530/2″>  image01 href=”https://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/adreno-530/3″> image01  image01

In the presentation you made Qualcomm has also gone on the new Adreno 510 , a new graphics unit for mid-range phones that Snapdragon will come in 618 and 620

Spectra ISP, only 820 Snapdragon

Nexus2cee 10

The new dedicated image processor also comes with a good range of novelties. Qualcomm promises “quality DSLR” on phones that incorporate the Snapdragon 820, as will be the only chipset to include it.

This new ISP (Image Signal Processor) dual Spectra , will support up three cameras simultaneously, for devices with dual camera on the back and front and up to 25 megapixels at 30 frames per second. All with enhanced capabilities in the processing of noise, lighting or shots faster reenfoques dark.


image01 href=”https://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/spectra-isp/2″>  image01 image01  image01

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Qualcomm Adreno 530 new features and new ISP aboard the Snapdragon 820
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