Qualcomm will present a system to transcribe and digitize what we write

 Automatic Transcription Digital by Qualcomm

Always have been many users that we like to have a simple and foolproof system to scan quickly we transcribe paper .

One of the systems we have been able to see more graphic tablets for our computers (it should be noted Wacom as one of the great innovators in this respect), which had the great disadvantage that something were to scan directly to your computer without going through the paper. However, many users continue to use it when working directly on their computers.


Another system, perhaps less widespread, has been named digitizer pen , consisting of a pen which, together with a paper clip in the form of large, allowed us to go back to store what we write in the memory including the wearing clip . However, we relied on to always use the same pens, ink refills we had to buy … More impediments.

 digitizer pen

But still pouring in missing something simple : not being connected to the computer directly, without the need to buy specific accessories to keep running, something they always carry over … And that’s just where they should both smartphones and tablets take a step forward, especially talking about those models with digital pens included. But it seems they have not done enough to evolve it happen.

Right there enters Qualcomm scene and recently submitted Snapdragon 805 (which also saw at full throttle few days ago). Since the company think they may have found a solution the problem we have been considering previously. Have monitoring devices that automatically copied pen written work

Changing the Way of transcribing

To do this, the approach is based Qualcomm takes to use microphones embedded in our mobile device to capture the ultrasonic vibrations issued by a digital pen . Such tapes would be processed by the CPU of the device and will be interpreted as if the motion would have been made on the screen. Thus, we would see on the screen it drawn on paper . Something quite similar to digital pen that we talked about before, but substituting our mobile clip. As we have said before: other device would change more something that we always carry over . Much easier

This is coming from Qualcomm since 2011, but the demo below pretty much sums up the idea.

This will expose during CES 2014 , within a week . Will it be in 2014 when the final solution to be transcription Automatic digital

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Qualcomm will present a system to transcribe and digitize what we write
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January 5, 2014

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