Quanergy presented at CES the future of LIDAR sensors for autonomous cars

Quanergy presented at CES future sensors LIDAR for autonomous cars

Quanergy is a California startup that has presented a solid state LIDAR sensor that improves as much to those currently used by manufacturers.

The CES is more than large manufacturers presenting their latest products and in the automotive sector have almost more importance as small sartups Quanergy that he gave a blow on the table at present the S3, solid state LIDAR system priced at $ 250 . And why is this important announcement?

Beyond the cars that Snitch if they are chases or which allow you to read a PowerPoint presentation it is important advance in technology that is useful and revolutionary for the coming years. The autonomous cars that we know are characterized by a horrible sensors placed in every possible vehicle parts as well as a boot designed exclusively to electronic components. Changing this is very important.

CES becomes witness the future of autonomous vehicle

The S3 is presented by Quanergy small, has no moving parts and their cost is very reduced so that autonomous cars will be somewhat cheaper. Most striking is that no moving parts because Traditional LIDAR systems need to be in constant motion to capture everything that is happening around the car. This means that they have to be placed on the roof, are large (ugly) and are susceptible to breakdowns. The S3 solves all thanks to a system based on light pulses that can be moved and projected system.


Every microsecond pulse of light but more importantly it is able to analyze independently each pulse which has important implications as sending two pulses in opposite directions and analyzed on 2 microseconds. And we will give an example of the importance of being able to adjust the direction of the light pulses: circulating the target system more pulses to the front area but you reach a crossroads divert part of the light pulses sideways to analyze further the environment, and all measuring it in microseconds.

Among its qualities, one unit of S3 has a field of view of 120 degrees both horizontally and vertically and maximum range is 150 m 100 meters accuracy is +/- 5 cm.

S3 Is the future of autonomous cars? . Probably if , now we just need to see it to believe us test vehicles sheet and this could happen before the end of this year


Quanergy presented at CES the future of LIDAR sensors for autonomous cars
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January 8, 2016

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