Read Along, a free app from Google with professor animated virtual for the kids to learn to read

See how they grow, the children find it magical and endearing, feelings also spring up in relation to their learning. What a thrill to wake up for example ‘pillarles’ alone with the story illustrated that many nights they have been reported or to verify that they begin to identify uppercase letters, small steps that remind us that later there will come the stage to teach them to read. The app Read Along of Google, now available in Spanish, this is a helpful add-on technology for parents immersed in this process of help.

The free application in the development phase, and that allows for the early access, invites you to the small read aloud and works through the technology of speech recognition and text-to-speech, which allows the system to analyze what it does. The lowest account with the backup of Diya, a companion of reading, in practice a prof virtual guidance and welcomes. To encourage you, to read words and phrases brings earn stars, which can accumulate to unlock prizes.

This tool for Android devices was launched in 2019 in India, where it is called Bolo, and its good reception has led to its international expansion. In fact, it has come to 180 countries and covers nine languages, with Spanish as a novelty.

Comes by default in English, although once you have accepted the privacy policy and read a test phrase (‘Learn to read with me’) on the part of the dad that has been installed via Google Play, can change settings and choose the combination ‘Spanish + English’. Just give the icon of the three parallel lines, go to ‘Language settings’ and ‘More languages’.

The stories collected (with the time will be added more) are distributed in four categories stories are very short, short, long and very long. In the image of each story, in the bottom right, shows the number (1 to 4) referring to the reading level to which it corresponds.

In the under ‘Library’ are the stories downloaded, that can be added and three games in a teaching (‘Word riot’, ‘Click ‘ balloons’ and ‘quick-Read’). And within ‘Awards’ can be found at the achievements and the grade book.

Read Along no Internet connection required, except when you want to download another story. is Also contains no ads or the usual shopping to release special options.

however, one of the drawbacks is to save the stars obtained in the reading, the child has to take a photo, point necessary to fix the profile.

If the question generates suspicion, trick is to make the photo to a background of the house or one of her toys in place of the small. Another possibility involves making sessions of individual reading and, therefore, do not store the stars when you close the app.

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Read Along, a free app from Google with professor animated virtual for the kids to learn to read
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May 11, 2020

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