Recommended for Apple TV Games: Christmas in sight?

Faced with the excuses, arguments.

Beyond the great Alto’s Adventure who heads these lines, there are big games for the new Apple TV . And the best part is that there are all types: Quick Match for instant gratification, platforms where progress is slower, infinite, driving, sports race, the natural evolution of the games … and up Guitar Hero.

Lumino City

game . A work of art taken to the Apple TV as it was brought before the iPhone, the iPad, and even Steam. And logic puzzles to move forward in a world where everything is just beautiful. Unforgettable once you’ve played.

Sports Beat

Just perfect for the typical dinner with friends or family, ideal for multiplayer. An heir to the spirit of the Wii with a touch of Patapon (if you do not understand, you will understand when seeing the video).

Asphalt 8

One of the classic in iOS is in its eighth edition and with it comes to Apple TV with all its essence, arguably the best driving game than we currently in the Apple TV. Incidentally, this is one of the titles by which it is worth buying a command like Nimbus SteelSeries, the better the experience with him than with the Siri Remote


Another old version of iOS for the” big “screen. . Simple, addictive, and valid for mini-tournaments in company with rotary player


A curious game of skill and logic based on the position of objects and the shadow cast. In addition, the Remote Touch interface Siri this time is perfect for playing with the orientation of each object.


And now let’s play with those that amply justify investment more advanced and complete Xenowerk, or less casual , others in the list: a Bluetooth command. A scientific experiment gone wrong, from there you are the hope


If you’re a fan of Zelda, this game will make you regain your essence on your Apple TV. It is not the same, it can never be, but within its limitations is a great title to play on the TV.

SketchParty TV

If you have an iPad, Apple TV and friends who come home, this is another game that justify buying an Apple TV for meetings at home. His mechanics are simple:. One Pictionary XXI century

Does not Commute

In this game you have to control city traffic. Or neighborhood, rather. Car to car, you’re leading the path each, overlapping the next, and the next and the next … all with the idea that all moving in harmony and no one stand in the way of another. Graphics and soundtrack round out a good game concept.

Guitar Hero

Surprise! There is, and it needs the official guitar to play it. A console is no longer necessary to play this game that takes just ten years now conquering faithful.

Rayman Adventures

A good example that it is possible to reach the level consoles makes a Years platform titles like this. But: much better with a gamepad MFI with Remote Siri, which makes too facile

Beach Buggy Racing

In the absence of Mario Karts, good karts are on the beach, and this the game has. Very well done, very addictive, with a learning curve perfectly located between the start and easy reward soon after frustration that leads to vice. The bad? Tipping the balance too far toward micropayments shopping in-app . Still …


Recommended for Apple TV Games: Christmas in sight?
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