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Increasingly, the good resources that have to be enrolled for online courses on any subject, having excellent platforms like Coursera, Udacity, Lynda, Khan Academy, etc.. where we can access training provided by that interests us quality teachers and a good education system.

I’m sure many of us are enrolled in several of these platforms, or we take a look of Occasionally courses offered. At this point it is much easier to use a search engine like Red Hoop to find the courses that may be interested in edX, Coursera,, Khan Academy, Udemy or Udacity, as the website we deploy various interest courses taught in those platforms now or in the future as we introduce keyword.

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If we are not quite sure what to look exactly and prefer to search by category is also possible (humanities, sciences, etc..), and in the same way we can search by topic (java game programming, etc..).

Easy online tool to find available courses with one and only one search, but remember that in we have a great alternative to our language.

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