Remix installing Windows OS 2.0, probably the best Android for PC

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We expected Remix OS 2.0 was available for download officially tomorrow, 12 January, but some people do not simplementente They could wait any longer and the inevitable happened, someone leaked and shared in a torrent.

Although Remix OS is an operating system very easy to use, install on a PC it is not as easy and requires a few steps. Luckily, the requirements are fairly easy to accomplish because you only need to download the torrent Remix OS, the USB tool Remix, USB memory of 8 GB and a Windows PC and USB 3.0.

1. Prepares all files

On Windows, become both the USB tool as ISO Remix Remix OS. The tool takes up little more than 4 MB, while the ISO is 2 Gb, that the person who leaked it has compressed in more than 600 MB.

Windows Defender Windows 10 strives to detect USB recording tool as malware , so the deleted again and again nothing but finished downloading, unless you disable the real-time protection (at your own risk, of course).

If you have the ISO in compressed format, unzip in a folder on your hard drive.

2. Format your USB flash drive in FAT32

You will need a high-capacity flash drive to record Remix OS. If you are already formatted in FAT32, you need not do anything (skip to step 3), but if not, you must format it first .

To check the format of your memory USB, go to the File Manager, right-click and select Properties . In the General folder appears the file system that is generally FAT32 or NTFS.


If your memory is formatted in NTFS, right-click on it in File Manager and select Format . File System, select FAT32. If enabled the Quick format (recommended) the process takes just a couple of seconds.

3. Record the ISO in

Back in memory files you downloaded before, USB utility starts Remix (remix-usb-tool.exe). In the ISO File section, click Browse to select the ISO image you extracted in a folder on your hard drive.

USB Disk , choose the drive letter of the USB memory. Make sure it is the right, but the implementation seems to detect it automatically for you. When you’re ready, click OK to start copying the files.

We Copying Remix

Here it is when your USB 3.0 port and USB memory look. The process takes a few minutes to complete. Patience.

4. Start your PC from USB memory

Restart your PC and make sure you start from USB memory . Most BIOS allows you to select the order of boot devices, but is also increasingly common that the system allows you to change easily by pressing any key during startup (eg F2). If in doubt, consult the manual for your PC or motherboard.


In Windows 10 sometimes costs a little more do a full reset, but you can force from the Options> Updates and Security> Recovery> Advanced Home.

5. Starts Installation

If all goes well, a window will welcome you to the installation Remix OS, giving you the option to choose between a guest mode or resident .


The guest mode allows you to test the operating system without compromise, but will not save your information and applications when you are finished using it. Resident mode If you save this information.

I chose Resident mode, which starts the installation that, once again, takes a few minutes . You have patience, you’re very close to being able to test this curious version of Android.

6. Set Remix OS

Congratulations, you have Remix OS ready to use, but first of all, like when you start Android the first time on a phone, you have to set a few settings.

The first is the Language , then have the License Agreement of rigor and, finally, by clicking the Start button, and you can start Remix using OS 2.0 on your PC.

The process is a little long, but not too complicated. If you followed this tutorial successfully, leave us your impressions in the comments of this operating system or problems that you have encountered during installation

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Remix installing Windows OS 2.0, probably the best Android for PC
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January 11, 2016

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