Retro Music Player: a music player, attractive, complete, and letters offline

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I’ve tried many music players for Android. It is normal that end up using Spotify because of the convenience of organization of lists, and for the streaming but there are a few discs that I like to listen to them in FLAC quality, and with an application to the height and for that you need a good app. Researching these days, I have given with an option that is not knew and has managed to get my attention.

Retro Music Player by name, we can sound like their developers have opted for a classic design, type Windows Media Player or WinAmp, but not. After him we have an interface very modern, with a proper number of adjustments, and the possibility of using letters offline. If it finds them, yes.

The mixed-race son of Material Design and iOS 11

Retro Music Player is not a player of music whose aesthetic is the use of what we usually see in Android. I put as an example Phonograph that gets Material Design inside and out and brings us a music player fantastic. Here we see ideas of the philosophy of the design of Google but also there are several elements of iOS 11.

This application at a glance reminds us of an app that could fit perfectly on an iPhone. The way in which it handles the space, the size of the text… it All gives an air but at the same time keeps that design as “application for Android” that have the apps that start from Material Design.

it May sound strange but the mix between the two styles works very well. It is an application easy to use, who commands the music with discretion and allows us to use the basic features of creating a list, looping playback, widgets on the lock screen, use skins… Next to all that, is in charge of add us a series of quick tips on to what we have heard.

Everything is a first look but sometimes we can fall into the error of pressing the back button and return to the desktop instead of not closing a paragraph with the ‘x’ in the top right corner. Small details that you have to get used to.

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In terms of performance, the application works without problems, it is pretty and the only downside we have found is that it sometimes takes a little time to search the lists and folders of files. Keep in mind that it is still in beta so we expect to be resolved in future versions.

If we go to the advanced settings menu, we find an equalizer that will allow us to calibrate the sound to our taste. It is not very complex, but has enough settings and options for anyone who is looking for that specific detail of quality.

The other big star of the player is the possibility to download the letters and have them to hand. We do not know very well what to use as a source, Spotify uses Genius, for example, and for the moment the impression is that you need some more resources to know what we are listening to. We have seen that only knows a few letters.

If you are looking for a player attractive, works well and is also free and no advertising, Retro Music Player is a good choice and a perfect complement for those who already use a streaming service for everything else.

Retro Music Player

Retro Music Player music Player


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Retro Music Player: a music player, attractive, complete, and letters offline
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November 20, 2017

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