Review Lanix Ilium S130, a basic cell with better performance

 Lanix Ilium S130 review
In Colombia Android we strive to always provide information told from a personal experience, and thanks to Lanix Colombia, today we are pleased to present the review of Lanix Ilium S130, one of the devices currently offer the Mexican company in our country.

Like the rest of the products of this company, the Ilium S130 is a phone that is known for its affordable price, and is a very good option for those looking for a conventional phone, a smartphone.

Hardware  IMG_1932

With a size of 4 inches, the Lanix Ilium S130 is located in the basic category of the average range. The company describes it as the “cell that was created with the needs of students”, ideal for those people that do not require large designs but prefer to purchase a cell to supply needs such as battery life, large capacity storage and speed.

Lanix Ilium S130 has a 4-inch screen, has OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat and a fast dual-core 1.3 Ghz processor. This smartphone was designed primarily to enable its users to surf the Internet, make calls, enjoy social networking, online conversations or chats and taking photos.

Ilium S130 Lanix a cell designed to meet the needs of students.

Design  IMG_1918

First of all it is noted that the device is light enough. It weighs 105 grams and measures 127.3 × 65.5 are × 11.3mm. Its design is stylish unibody, although the rear cover can be removed to access the microSD and SIM cards, or to remove / put battery, but because of its very closed design, remove the lid is not as easy task as it should.

In this case we see a second loudspeaker, so that for example listen to music on loudspeaker, the device will use the headset where we listen to the calls.

It is made of plastic, even those that once again we see that come built into the back cover physical buttons (power and volume) while meanwhile the navigation buttons are touch without backlighting.



The midmarket most phones are characterized by low resolution displays. The Lanix Ilium 130 offers a 4-inch HVGA display with a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels, which in truth is not bad when you consider that in the world are very few teams that reach this range HD.

In fact, the quality of the screen offers much more than I expected, the colors are displayed quite well and you can enjoy content such as videos and photos without a resolution of decent quality.



Another of the advantages of this device is its 5 megapixel main camera with LED flash and HDR, which is not easily seen in core smartphones. Its front camera is 1.3 megapixels and is located to the left of the handset.

In this photo aparatado can say that the device meets the needs of the average user, who in addition to taking pictures, recording videos may , videoconferencing and take selfies to share on social networks

Photos taken with Ilium Lanix S130.

 Photos ilium s130 (3)  Photos ilium s130 (1) IMG_09022015_103423

 software ilium s130

No doubt this is one of the most interesting details of this small device. Powered by Android 4.4.2 KitKat, a rather recommended version which was optimized to work seamlessly with only 512MB of RAM, and have actually found a very good performance that will detail a little more in the section on performance.

Android retains the style of pure, but as is traditional in teams Lanix, brings a few changes to icons and applications of course operator, responsible for marketing the device in Colombia. While the setup menu is more colorful, unlike the predominantly white we see on a menu unchanged.

Performance  IMG_1947

Android KitKat came with the promise to run quite well on devices with 512MB RAM, and that combination is precisely what we see in this device.

In fact, we were rather surprised the good performance of Ilium S130, as simply expect less.

 return lanix s120

When testing the device with games, music, videos, social applications, and other functions, it never showed any lag, however, behaved quite well, and he fulfilled to perfection with homework.

Obviously if we conducted a comparison of the second run with a more powerful device, technically the difference is very great, but judging by the experience, no complaints about their performance.


Being a team with only 4 inch screen, and a not very powerful hardware, Ilium S130 battery has a very long life.

With normal use, moderate social networks, and one other game for a few minutes to pass the dead times, the battery life exceeds a little over a day and an additional three hours.

 s130 battery ilium

Of course, those people who chat all the time, playing more than “normal” and squeezed their cell will have a much better autonomy, even so, this team can hold a full day of heavy use.



We the sound device is not his forte. Plus it does not have a dedicated speaker, high sound your headset is not very good to say. Nor can order more than one such device, However, it is possible to enjoy good music through external speakers.


  • Very good performance for be a core team
  • The battery lasts a little over a day with moderate but active use.

The bad

  • Your Sound does not meet expectations.


This is a cell that certainly would be perfect for those who come from a slow device or a conventional cell (without Smart) capabilities. Its price makes it ideal for those who do not need more than the basic functions of a smartphone, and perform smoothly a lot of services and applications that do not require high memory consumption.

Availability & price

The Lanix Ilium S130 is priced at $ 178,900 Colombian pesos, and can be purchased at the centers of the course operator.

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Review Lanix Ilium S130, a basic cell with better performance
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February 11, 2015

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