Review Lanix Ilium S520, low-end 5-inch Android KitKat

Today the market for Android smartphones is overrun with options to choose from, however, in the case of our country consumers are always looking for a good phone and even affordable price, something we can hardly find.

Unfortunately, when we talk about a cheap smartphone we see that its characteristics are quite limited, however, that is not the case of Lanix Ilium S520 Our protagonist of this new review.

By courtesy of the Mexican company Lanix, today we are pleased to present our analysis of Lanix Ilium S520, a smartphone low end of 5. inches with a very competitive price

Before you start, anticipate that this device meet expectations well worth you to take a look at their capabilities; start with the evaluation:

Hardware  Lanix Ilium S520 IMG_1757

Lanix Ilium S520 carries inside hardware capable of meeting all the needs of the average user. On this team we have a 5 inch screen with FWVGA resolution 480 × 854 pixels and a density of 240ppi a Mediatek dual-core processor 1.3GHz, 512MB RAM, 8-megapixel main camera and front of 1, 3MP, and a battery of 1800 mAh. Of course, then analyze the performance of each of its components.

Design Lanix Ilium S520 IMG_1720

With a 143x73mm and measures 9.6mm thick, the Lanix Ilium S520 joins the trend of big screens. In its entirety it is made of good quality plastic, and the first thing that stands out for its design are her perfectly rounded edges. His back is completely flat with a small relief in the almost imperceptible camera, and generally looks pretty good.

In its lower front there are 3 touch buttons (menu, home and back) to browse all device functions, while at the top is the headset, and slightly to your right is the front camera. The small microphone hole is at the bottom of the device.

At the back we see a removable lid, its rear camera and a speaker. A curious fact is that the physical keys are part of the back cover and are not embedded within the team itself.

Finally, it is worth noting that the microUSB port for charging and file transfer located on the top of the phone, like Jack 3.5mm port for headphones and hands-free

Display  IMG_1790 Lanix S520 Ilium

With a size of 5 inches, the screen Lanix Ilium S520 is ideal for those who love the games and consumers of entertainment media such as videos and movies on your smartphones. His side frames are quite large, which makes the final size of the equipment is even bigger. Ilium S520 Lanix IMG_1759

In terms of quality, itself leaves a lot to be desired. In total, its resolution is 480 × 854 pixels, and in relation to its size the end result is a density of 240ppi;. while recognizing that the quality of this computer screen looks much better than other devices of the same range

The following image shows a comparison with an HD screen:

 Display Lanix left ilium S520
Display Lanix left ilium S520

As you can see in comparison, the Lanix Ilium S520 shows a very good tone, however, requires a little more intensity in color tones. Even so, the screen quality is rated as good.

Camera Ilium S520 Lanix IMG_1713

If you like the pictures, this device will be very useful. It has a main chamber 8 megapixel accompanied by an LED flash to take better shots in low light scenarios. As for the videos, users can HD videos with resolution

Photos taken with the device.  IMG_20150201_145308

 Photos taken with the team
Photos taken with the computer

The camera software is quite simple but interesting. Customize the settings with typical scene modes, features HDR to enhance the quality of the catch and is able to take up to 20 photos in 7 seconds. We can also manually adjust the ISO, mode, face detection, and capture photos automatically with the detector smile.


The theme of the software is actually what most concerns us when looking for a smartphone, and that is very clear Lanix. The Ilium S520 running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, which ensures excellent user experience.  Catch interface

In essence retains a pure Android, but with a few tweaks own company and a different marker, and the settings menu a bit more colorful. Some of the icons are also modified, but mostly stock Android style remains.  Interface Lanix

Finally, we see that has its own updater software, and we do not know if it will be updated or Android Lollipop not technically this makes it possible to receive new software via OTA.


In the area of ​​performance we get a surprise. And is that to date all devices with 512MB of RAM we have tried are very slow, however this Ilium S520 managed to run smoothly and deliver good performance.  return Review Lanix Ilium S520, low-end 5-inch Android KitKat

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