Review Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is what we expected from a left reboot head Miller. Spectacular in every way and certainly the perfect claim of post-apocalyptic films that once began with the same character. The union of madness with the most desperate desert into an opera based enlivened gasoline, fire and polvo.30 years are many years to have the courage to make a reboot of one of the most popular and iconic film franchises in science fiction post apocalyptic or any movie franchise if we. Few works as Mad Max have influenced both the subsequent productions like the one in 1979 carried screens deserts and society dystopian by just over a quarter of a million dollars, and seldom a reboot of a franchise has been done keeping essence of the original passing these almost 30 years. Or Lucas or Spielberg and Scott could do it, or at least not at the same level at which it has succeeded George Miller.

Mad Max: Fury Road is what we expected from a left reboot head Miller. Spectacular in every way and certainly the ...

Here everything is more broken. No roads. Dust, blood, fire, rust and smell of gasoline but not perceive sensation. Madness, this time exceeds the limit of what is reasonable with two hours of persecution in the sense of unease that is mixed with a never-ending chaos. A convoy of death with his own band to the rhythm of drums and the sound of an electric guitar rumbles echoes of a deranged universe in which everyone is crazy; a nightmare Slipknot imaginary output within the mind of Behemoth at the gates of Valhalla.

Review Mad Max: Fury Road

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In this new left chaos Miller head, we will meet Max, a reinterpretation of the character of the original trilogy Gibson starring this time by Tom Hardy, with Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne Toecutter who played the villain and head of The Acolytes in the original delivery of Mad Max), Lord of the War Boys Imperator antagonist and Furious (Charlize Theron) as the core of this issue; because it is through the eyes and history of Imperator Furious know who this new craze.

Mad Max is a race to insanity with the highest bill ever recorded in a tape Miller, a headlong rush at breakneck speeds and along wild stretches of unforgiving desert into a sea of ​​fire, a hail of bullets accompanied by a deafening roar to the rhythm of the craziest metal and with the voice of Tom Hardy as alpha and omega of all: Furious Imperator epic to end the tyranny of men on a journey toward redemption. At this point anyone would agree in saying that Imperator Furious is undoubtedly the best character of all those with us in this new version of Mad Max. And those who remember the original trilogy know that women never have had very easy in this post-nuclear wasteland and violence against them has been one of the resources of Miller to show the rawness of this inhospitable and violent universe. Now, instead of this being an element that is left in the background to enhance the feeling of despair, it becomes the main element: the journey of Imperator Furious at finding a safe place, away from the madness and tyranny Men’s. It is appreciated that in a universe like Mad Max, where testosterone, supercharged V8 engines and the smell of gasoline and oxide are the elements that make the passage, the protagonist has given weight of this new installment of the franchise a female character.

Review Mad Max: Fury Road

It keeps the essence of the original trilogy but with a different approach Imperator Furious throughout the film seeks redemption but will do next to the new Max repeats Tom Hardy, as in The Dark Knigh Rises, masked in the mouth for a good portion of the tape. It is no longer the charismatic anti-hero of the previous installment. Now it is a dark and tormented by the past that fits perfectly with this universe of fire and dust person. Mad Max: Fury Road keeps those scenes of war children in an endless pursuit catapulting from vehicle to vehicle, each more impressive and more oxidized, while the guitar sounds a guy hanging from a large truck to the beat of ritual drums, all on a background of special effects that would make Michael Bay excited.

In this path, the absence of dialogue in almost good part of the movie They make it an odd flight, but certainly greatly enhances the hardness and we are counting on all the characters. The use of language is minimal, and the times in which it is used is to give more strength to the scene. And now the characters who cross the path of max rockatansky are not a bunch of scavengers in search of a little gas and water. Now that society has become dark creatures who sell milk and fends off his people with water deprivation.

Review Mad Max: Fury Road

Review Mad Max: Fury Road

All these elements make Fury Road in a violent movie, but that violence is felt almost normal in the new universe of Miller, in which the new Max is driven, because of the violence, by memories of the past. The sins of the father, whose only companions are the same ghosts of the past that have failed to save him pushed like crazy to the world in which they live. How not to be mad?

The truth is that all this seems normal, Miller has never been too willing to create simple for their characters personalities. They not even in the first trilogy in which the tapes as they advanced everything became more desperate and chaotic arcs of the characters were easy to assimilate. Perhaps this section is that it can make water within the whole, an increase of characters that tape media suddenly stops short to get enough strength in the latter part of it.

Review Mad Max: Fury Road

Therefore, as the story is told, there are hardly any bumps that may the main message of this new release. The pace, which in general is marked by f sunken in black as a chapter in the same story, editing, music and combining with ambient sound and special effects, and even the emotional substrate is much higher than other tapes that are considered much more elaborate. All this, together with the absolute care and pampering in vehicles -absolutos protagonists, as it can not be otherwise formed and few sets, each more striking and original, and well-defined and full of personality main antagonists become Fury Road in one of the best action movies of recent times.

An echo in the past reminiscent of the trilogy made famous by Gibson but with a different approach, more dystopian much more violent, and ultimately, much more elaborate. A film in which every few minutes you think it has reached its peak but appears somewhat epic quickly enough to leave you with your mouth open. In short, missed.

Review Mad Max: Fury Road

Review Mad Max: Fury Road 9Mad Max: Fury Road is the redefinition of imaginary Miller to the end of the world again, to blow dust, gas fire and scavengers presents a universe in which men insane pawns promising Valhalla water while depriving its people have sentenced to a humanity whose only hope is women. This latest film by Miller also serves as a manual to use what should be done well in science fiction movies. A slap to the abuse of CGI with one of the best editions and environments of its kind. In short, one of the captive titles this year and one of the best reboots I remember a franchise of the past; best movie so far this year that will love those looking for great action and a voltage level up to the universe of Miller. – The universe created by Miller is crazy and deranged. – Pace with little bumps and action-packed – The setting, editing and sonido.- It misses more strongly in some characters. – Changed color for much of the plot breaks a little dip that endless desert


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