Revive your old PC with this simple trick

Revive your old PC with this simple trick

Chrome OS, the “grass revive” PS to restore all your old computer.

We all have some old computer at home. That is on a shelf or in the attic. And the technology, over the years, degrades in a brutal way . What was the best the market yesterday, today is simply a relic of the past.

However, many of these machines in the past can continue to function normally . Maybe you can not play or edit video Battlefield 4 with Adobe Premiere, but check email, surf the web, listen to music. In other words, many of those old computers are still very valid for the most basic tasks

The problem is they are not compatible with the latest software, have numerous security breaches and devices used to. more powerful, they can come to despair. Fortunately, for all these problems there is a simple solution. A solution that will resurrect the old computer and give it a second life.

Chrome OS is the solution to resurrect the old machines

If you did not know, Chrome OS is desktop operating system developed by Google . It is completely based on the web-no nativas- applications, an idea that, at first, may seem crazy. But think about it carefully: basic tasks like social networks, email, text editing, playing music … all what you can do this easily-perform-or from the web. In addition, more and more services that are committed to it-see Adobe Photoshop, so that the approach of Chrome OS is not so crazy.

From this, it is obvious that requirements They lows to install Chrome OS are really low and can run on any machine with a 32-bit SoC, 1GB of RAM and a 16 GB hard drive. Also, being so light, moving with ease even in very old machines, making it an ideal place to revive that old who goes home computer operating system which is our case -.

How to Install Chrome OS

Chrome OS - Chrome OS

Google does not offer Chrome OS installer for any computer. Only it offers royalty restoration for Chromebooks and source codes. Therefore, must turn to the community to install Chrome OS on your computer.

The first thing to do is download Chrome OS Chromium OS-or, better said from web Arnoldthebat . We can choose between different types of processors (x64, x86 or ARM) and between the builds daily, weekly or special. Obviously, as the greater the interval, but bug contain.

is trying to development versions, so not all hardware is compatible with them Once downloaded, you just unzip the ISO and create a pen-drive USB bootable with Win32 Image Writer or if you’re on Linux, with the command line “ChromeOS.img dd if = of = / dev / sdX bs = 4M /” (without quotation marks), where “sdX” is your USB and ChromeOS.img the path where you saved the ISO previously unzipped.

Once this is done, just have it connect the USB to your old computer and start from the same (accessing the BIOS or a shortcut menu, which is accessed differently depending on your computer). Whenever you wish to run Chrome OS, you must have the pen-drive USB connected to the computer.

You can also install natively on your hard drive in a relatively simple manner. When you started the Chrome OS, you only have to run the following line of code from the terminal provided by the folks at Chromium: / usr / sbin / ChromeOS-install . When prompted for a password, just type “password” (without the quotes). Once this is done, it will erase everything stored on the hard disk and start the installation. On completion, you can remove the pen-drive as normal and enjoy your newly resurrected computer.


Revive your old PC with this simple trick
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July 25, 2015

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