Rico – A Tale of Two Brothers is an adventure with a great taste stale to 8 bits

Nostalgia is often treacherous. Everyone knows that any past seems better, and in video games this is more true than anywhere else. There are many titles out there that are nothing more than a collection of retro elements that really have nothing to offer quality, and rely on a different look for attention. Fortunately, not always the case, and games like Rico – A Tale of Two Brothers nostalgic mix elements to create a quality game.

And the pixelated aesthetics and music chiptune style is an ode to those classic games to late 80s you had to strain your eyes and imagination to visualize the epic that we were presenting on our screens. In this case, the story is about two brothers, one light and one dark. As I am sure you will have of course, control the well, which has just been defeated and humiliated.

touch us explore all environments in search of our abilities and powers that we have lost, in a scheme game reminiscent of classics like Castlevania or Metroid . The idea is the same: the environments have several avenues available, but at first we can only access that allows us our single jump. As we go getting skills like jumping higher, we can access more sites and get well advance the story.

The strength of Rico are the graphics, although they may seem extremely simple, very functional and more details of what may seem at first glance. The soundtrack is equally delightful. Normally, this game costs € 2.50, but during the next three days there is a promotion target=”_blank”> , not only for the Android version, it also comes bundled versions for different operating systems for PC.

Download Rico – A Tale of Two Brothers from Google Play

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Rico – A Tale of Two Brothers is an adventure with a great taste stale to 8 bits
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January 10, 2013

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