Robird: The ultimate Twitter client with push notifications


After passing for a while for iOS, one of the things I missed when re Android is a full Twitter client. In iOS using Tweetbot, which seems to me by far the best client there today to manage our Twitter accounts, but could not find anything in Android that came near him (no, Falcon Pro does not even reach the bottom of the shoes). Just then I ran into Robird , one of the most comprehensive Twitter clients that can be found in the Google Play Store.

The first thing we should talk about is interface. In this case we Holo-based interface, very smooth transitions and dark tones (although you can choose a theme based in white). No difference in excess of other interfaces, but it seems much more attractive than Falcon Pro and it is more integrated with the rest of the operating system.

As for features, we find one of the more complete clients: push notifications, preview photos, fully Castilian , tweetlonger support (tweets more than 140 characters), streaming tweets and many others of lesser importance. Highlighting both the inclusion of push notifications (few Twitter clients for Android incorporate them) and the absence of support multiaccounting, which for many is a must.


As for speed and performance, Robird behaves like one of the best. It one scroll is very smooth and very well optimized, although mole on the same appearance as the rest of unofficial clients: update limit. If we update the timeline many times a minute, flinging Robird update message limit exceeded, which prevents us for a while back to update the timeline (although they continue to receive notifications). This is because Twitter limits the number of times you can synchronize the timeline on all third-party customers, the only way to avoid maintaining active streaming.

A possible Robird negative point is that it is an application fee (1.53 €), but I assure you totally worth it. If you are unsure, I recommend you the link to download and probéis during the 15 minutes we let Google Play. If not satisfied, just press the button “Get reimbursement” and ready.
Application on Google Play

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Robird: The ultimate Twitter client with push notifications
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June 8, 2013

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