Robot Unicorn Attack 2 back to back we face our dreams


Robot Unicorn Attack is one of those games that got a great reputation thanks to the users who spent their link to each other. The base game was not new, but their sugary ambience that fit perfectly with the song background , and vice provoking, led him to become a true fashion which everyone spoke . We already had a version of this Android game, and now comes the second part.


The idea is the same: control a unicorn in dream worlds, full of flying dolphins, fairies and rainbows, and we need to move as far as possible. We have only two controls, as the mystical horse running alone : the jump, we can hold to go further and pressing twice in the air to change our direction, and the sprint, which allows us to wipe out what we have in front of our head.


Use both buttons requires some expertise and reflexes, as we often will throw several seconds without touching the ground , simply pasting and making our attack breaks to move and collect as many points as possible. To pass the level (consisting of three “dreams”) have to meet the objectives (such as collecting a certain number of items or destroy stars scattered around the map). Not much more in the game beyond the customization and the ability to use another unicorn, dark here, but neither is missing.


Robot Unicorn Attack 2 maintains the charm of its predecessor , and playable is a game that seems designed from the beginning for a touch screen. Also, is free with ads, and interestingly micropayments allow us to obtain both the original game song, as more of the very metalera Blind Guardian . And there is nothing better to explore your dreams than a guitar solo.

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2 back to back we face our dreams
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July 13, 2013

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